Hoping, (but mostly praying)

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Hoping, (but mostly praying)

Hi all,
Well, oldest son, Casey, called last evening. If you remember, we had this discussion related to his PG GF. And the phone call ended with him calling me "A mean Bit$$."

Anyway, he called last night, no apologies, (didn't have my heart set on one, anyway) but he said he had another alternative...(now that threw me cause how the heck can you have an alternative to pregancy?)

What he said was, he would like to go on Ritalin.
Which I agree 100%. The problem is, it's all up to him, cause he has no insurance, and no money to see a Dr. ( I did suggest the county hospital)

Now....if I was home, I'd probably talk with my family doctor, Dr. Bob, and he may have seen him, and I would have covered the bill.
BUT, I'm not there, and this is his problem to remedy, right?

I really really do think he could be helped immensely by taking Ritalin, or a similar prescription. He is SOOO ADHD.

The subject then changed to PG GF, and he said he won't discuss it anymore, he loves her, she loves him, and they are going to have this baby.

He may be in jail when it arrives, but such is luck, right? (Said sarcastically by me)

Well, I believe in Divine intervention, so that's what I'm going for...
I'm not getting my panties in a bunch...nope I'm not.

Hugs to all,

Granny Moose, it just doesn't have a ring to it, you know?
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Don't get undies in a bunch
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Originally Posted by mooselips View Post

Now....if I was home, ....

Well, I believe in Divine intervention, ...
Seems He has already been at work.

I am being tested on what I would be called.
Grampa Best just doesn't sound right either.
If you figure that part out, let me know ok?
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You're doing awesome! Keep that jet ready!
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NOW I happen to think that you and Mr. Moose would make fabulous grandparents.


Perhaps you are just where you are supposed to be, Moosie... away from home and away from the drama. Perhaps this is one of those times that your son is supposed to handle all of his own stuff.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a bigger plan that we don't know about. It happens... it's happened to me!

Hugs and love
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Prayers that you are all right where you need to be...Which I really suspect you are.

I always liked Nana...Nanamoose? I like Cat's "gramoose"'s interesting depending on where you place the inflection

Hugs...I'm jealous right now's been really cold and we had that lovely "wintery mix" much fun to drive in.
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I know the struggling in your heart, Moose, I've been there and it ain't pretty.

Turning my son over to God's care is the only way I have found to be able to breathe and live and detach from what I don't own.

Your boys are always in my prayers, but I'll say an extra special prayer today for your son who struggles.

I too think that life is unfolding exactly as it should and that God is working in all the moose lives today.

Hugs and Love
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Sending some prayers for a positive outcome for the little one that has yet to see the world. Hugs, Marle
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remember to breathe
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I agree with Cats, sounds like a bigger plan might be in order.

Gramoose is cute and I like poppybest
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Prayin' right along with ya, sweetie.
My son was the first to suggest he see a doctor for
"whatever's wrong with me".
He's doing well on Lithium for now.
Just wish he'd find a job in the boonies.
I went out there the other day to give him a ride to his dr. appt.
and d*mnnnnnnnn. It is the boonies.
Better for him to be there than here, though. lol Donchaknow?
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a grandchild before I'm too old
to be "cool Grannybook", but am ever so grateful it hasn't happened due
to both my kids still being too "young" in the head.
Sending much love and a sunny disposition down south to you and Mr. Moose.
Praying for both your boys, as always.
Always rootin' for us moms,
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I'm comfortable with a first name kind of thing. Like Papa Bob, or whatever your first name may be. Papa Arthur?

I think I'm just going to be grammie...

This morning, I open up my 4th step handbook,
and guess what the subject was? Control.

That sure was a big tap on my shoulder from above.
(like my H.P. saying, Helloooooo, hellooooo, I'm up here.....)

I'm a work in progress, yes I am.
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Sending you thoughts and prayers. I think you are exactly where you need to be.

I like that "tap on the shoulder from above"....I always tell HP "remember,this is've got to give me a REALLY obvious sign".

Hugs and prayers!

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Its a love tap Moosie.
I'm a Mema...but I sure do like Gramoose
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