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New to this Board

I was on the internet looking for a Sober/Halfway House, in Chicago, for my AD and stumbled onto this site and have been reading for the past few hours.

For awhile there, I wondered if I wrote some of these posts, under different screen names, while sleepwalking. Our stories are so similar.

My AD is in rehab in California and will probably be discharged before the end of the month. We all agree that transistioning to a Sober Living enviornment is better than returning home, at this time. I DK if we can name names so I will not. The 2 big Sober Houses in Chicago have wait lists a mile long. Who knew? I should have started looking, before I knew my AD was an addict.

As background, AD is 19 and her DOC is heroin. She was not living at home. She had about 4-5 months into it at the time she told me she was addicted and wanted my help. It took me 4 days to get her into rehab and that was back on 11/16 and she has been there ever since.

She had dropped out of college, ran up credit card bills, has an ajudicated felony for shoplifting, pending charges for posession and in that 4 days, stole anything and everything not nailed down. Sound familiar? She also was trading her sex for money or DOC. "Trading" sounds nice. She was very fortunate that her acquired STDs were cured with antibiotics. In other words, she was out of control. Sound familiar?

So anyway, I wonder if anyone knows how I can locate a rock solid Sober/Halfway house in Chicago. And if we are allowed to name names, I would love to hear them.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their pain and encouragement.
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Glad you found us.
I'm the mom of 2 addict sons.

I also found Sober Recovery by looking for help for my youngest son,and instead, I found some help for me!

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Hi outtolunch. I don't have any answers for you per your request, but I did want to Welcome you here to SR. I'm glad that you found us. I also found this place while doing searches for Rehabs. This is a wonderful place full of wonderfully loving people as it appears that you've already learned. There are lots of info in the Stickies at the top of this forum, so it would be good if you'd check those out, assuming of course, that you haven't already done so. LOL !!! I do hope that you'll keep coming back here to post and to read. Looking forward to getting to know you.
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Welcome. There are lots of moms and a few dads that post here.
You can name places here and see if anyone has an opinion about them.
I am in CA. What facility is your daughter at out here?
SR helps me get through the mine-field of addiction. I'm learning that my life has be be great no matter what my son's choices are. We definitely have a unique struggle when our kids get hooked.
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There are some really great Sober Living homes out in California.

One in particular is in the San Fernando Valley. It is private and non-private. It is called Women's Odyssey House.

Great place, I went through there back in 1981 and it is better today than it was when I went through there.

She will have to:

Get a job and pay room and board. I think they give them 2 weeks.

Participate in house meetings (people from Aa and NA come into meetings)

Attend 3 outside meetings a week.

Do her assigned chores.

Participate in house activities and house meetings.

There is a great "House Mother" and "Assistant."

There are TONS of meetings in the Valley.

Welcome to The Women's Odyssey!!

This way "Mom" she continues to do it 'on her own.'

Just a thought........................................... ............

Love and hugs,
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Out to lunch,

Welcome to SR, glad you found us. I am the mother of 2 addicted children and also from Chicago. My 22 year old daughter is currently living in a halfway house in the western suburbs of Chicago. She did one month in rehab before that. Her rehab was court ordered and she is hoping that the judge will look kindly on her sober environment before her next court date. She has been sober about 40 days....

I don't have any recommendations for rehab out here in Chicago, but I have heard about a good place in Rockford ("google" it). It was recommened with both of my addicted children.

This time, I let my daughter figure it out all on her own. I had interfered too many times and did not want to interfere with her wanting it for herself, not for me. I do know that she was on a waiting list for a long time for both rehab and the halfway house. But, to her credit, she called every day to see if there was an opening... and as soon as there was an opening, off she went.

Meetings, meetings, meetings and SR is about all I can recommend.

I wish you both well.
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Just want to welcome you here. I have an AD who is also addicted to heroin. I don't have any experience with halfway houses. Sending prayers that she finds one that is a good fit for her. Hugs, Marle
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welcome to SR!
I am the mother of an addict, DOC heroin also, not that it matters what they use I just thought I'd share. Am I correct in reading she was using for about 5 months? if so I'm so glad she was able to get help so soon in her addiction, it might make a big difference.
As for the halfway house, while she is in rehab her councelors will help her get into one, you don't need to do too much of anything other than pay if need be. She has her tools let her use them or her learning will be for naught. Step back and let her choose her own road, she'll let you know if she needs help. Her being in California is easier to find a halfway house than you finding one from chicago.

Good Luck to you and your daughter.
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Welcome to sr. I'm Linda and the mother of a 26 yo clean heroin addict.
Not sure about sober living environment. My son got clean in jail.
He's struggled ever since. Alcohol, pot, and finally a doctor, who has
diagnosed him as bi-polar. He's now on meds and sees him monthly.
I just wanted to send prayers out to you and your daughter.
I can imagine your concern and worry. Been there, done that.
I hope you continue to read and post here. There are many parents
that struggle with codependency issues and their adult children.
Face to face alanon/naranon meetings would benefit your life greatly.
Visit a few in your area. You'll find one that "fits" I'm sure.
Hugs from one mom to another,
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I'm a mom, AD age 23. addicted to whatever she can get at the time. She is currently MIA, has been in rehab, detox, halfway house, sober living, etc multiple times. She is on 'self destruct'.

Lots of good people here you will learn to love. No judgement, you can say what you want and someone will understand. I woulnd't be here today if not for SR.

prayers for you and your daughter--glad she came to you so early for help!!
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I don't know if any of this will help, but here are some links you might try....

AA Meeting Locator
Illinois A.A. Meetings
NA Meeting Locator
NA Meeting Locator
Rescue Missions
AGRM Member Missions Helping the Homeless and Needy in Illinois
Low Cost/No Cost Treatment
Drug Treatment Centers
Halfway Houses
AHHAP Agency Directory: Illinois
SAMHSA Treatment Locator
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator
Department of Human Services
DHS: Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Good luck
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

My AD is at The Cottage, a part of Creative Care, in Malibu. ( Cost = 5+ years of retirement). They specialize in dual diagnosis. In AD's case, it's a triple+, Bipolar, numerous personality disorders and addiction.

They recommended Herbert House in Santa Monica as the next logical step. She does not drive and therefore California is going to be a problem. I am pushing back on them to help locate a place in the Chicagoland area.

AD also does not want to be in California for further recovery and yeah my internal bells and whistles are going off.

Hazelden, in Chicago, is my primary choice, but they have no beds. Second choice was Turning Point- also no beds. So many of the Sober Houses are located in gang infested areas known for their open air markets, (where dope in openly sold) where she would be the only caucasian.

Given the enormous problem with heroin, in Chicago, there has to be more alternatives than this and so I will continue to dig.
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Just about every county has a drug control program. It might be under a different name such as drug prevention, care, etc. but there is one.

I even found out in my county there's a one time program where they'll pay for a 28 day program for county residents! My son (21 DOC heroin) recently took advantage of that and started a 1/2 way house about two weeks ago.

Check that it. Might be a worthwhile resource. Also check out Naranon for yourself. Take care of yourself.

Prayers for you and your daughter...
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So many of the Sober Houses are located in gang infested areas known for their open air markets, (where dope in openly sold)
That was another reason I mentioned Women's Odyssey. It is in a GREAT neighborhood and has 3 different bus lines running right past the front door. Also is fairly close to a lot of places to find work. And she would still be fairly close (at least phone wise) to call her counselor at the treatment center.

I didn't need a car when I was there, and none of the sponsees I have sent there have needed a car. Several of those still do not have a car, and still have gotten apartments in 'nice' areas on bus lines that take them to their jobs. They get rides to meetings from folks they have met. Two that I know of have now gotten their drivers licenses, one at 4 1/2 years sober and clean and the other at 5 years.

It's a beautiful living environment, has great success rate, in a safe neighborhood and some really excellent meetings.


Love and hugs,
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