prayers needed

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prayers needed

Please pray for my addict husband, he went back out today and he needs all the prayers you guys can give.........
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Sending prayers for your husband and you. Try to turn him over to his HP.
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Oh lies, I am so sorry...I really am. Prayers that he pulls himself back up and gets back to recovery quickly...prayers that his HP protects him and prayers for comfort and strength for you. I hate addiction and what it does to good people. Hugs.
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Prayers from New york for your hubby and you !!!
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thank you for your prayers

AS I sit here all I can think is dear God please dont let him die

and what happened to that guy this morning who said I love you and played with our dogs and seemed so fine does he go from fine to gone so fast and why does it have to hurt so much
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So sorry- saying a prayer for you right now. If I may suggest something that helps me when I'm afraid? I listen to that song, "be not afraid" (alanon sponser recommended) and it helps with the fear and anxiety. (I google it- it's on my favorites now)
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I am so sorry to hear this. You and your husband are in my prayers. Take extra good care of yourself. I know that you are worried but maybe this time will be what shows him the way.

Keep us posted on how you are doing. Donna
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Prayers for you and your husband.
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I'm so very sorry. My prayers are with your family tonight. The other night I heard Marie Osmond talking about her son who is in a rehab, she said she considers drug abuse to be a plague. That's the first time I"ve heard anyone use that term, except myself. I do believe it is a plague, and I'm sorry you are in pain because of it.
Stay with us, ok Lies? Keep posting, and let us know how you're doing.
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Prayers coming your way...
for you, and him....
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prayers for you and for him. Are you able to go to some meetings? When I am really struggling, I've found it helps to step up my meetings.


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Lies....I posted "to" you on Pennies....but you got prayers and hugs coming from out here! For all of ya'll! I know how bad you are hurting, and I know how bad he is hurting too! Been on BOTH FRICKIN SIDES of that deal! No sugar coatin just sux! Hang in there hon.
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thank you to everyone who was here for me and thank you for your prayers
hes still MIA and noone has heard from him. I am trying to stay calm

thank you for being here last night, you know I have family and friends and many of them are aware of whats going on yet they cant possibily understand

they are mostly angry and keep asking what are you going to do

hell I dont know what to do for the next 5 minutes much less beyond that

anyhow thank you again you all mean more to me than words can say
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Sending more prayers for you and your husband. Take care of yourself, I know how much it hurts. Hugs, Marle
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remember to breathe
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you got it
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Sending you and him lots of hugs and prayers. I'm with Anvil....I've been that sane person one hour, and the crazy addict a few hours later. I've also watched someone I love decide he wanted to continue being an active addict and I walked away. It sux on both ends, and I'm sorry you are going through this.

Hugs and prayers!

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Everyone put it so well, because we all know the pain. Prayers for you and your husband. It's in the HP arena now.

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here ya go..
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thank you for the prayers

I did get a text from him earlier and hes alive
I didnt say .....come home and we'll work it out, even though thats what he wanted

now its up to him he can stop and find help for himself or he'll keep using

I have done everything I could do the only thing I have not done is left him out there to decide for himself to either stop or not

I pray I'm doing the right thing and please keep praying for protection for him and strength for me...................

thank you
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Sending hugs to both of you dear ladies. My heart hurts for you, but the next few years hold much promise for you and great possibilities for your A's. Movement forward, up or down, is still movement forward. You can choose UP for yourselves, and let the guys find UP when they choose to. I know what strength is, and you both are showing it even when you don't realize it. My friend reminds me of the song by Hall and Oates that has a phrase -- "The Strong give up and move on; the Weak give up and stay.
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