Minding my own beeswax

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Minding my own beeswax

And boy I'm having a hard time try to do just that!!

Have had AD's Abf living here for just over a week. It's not been as easy as I had hoped it would be.
The period of adjustment has not been easy for any one. And I am trying sssooooo hard to stay out of what isn't mine. But it ain't easy, that's for sure.
She's at school 100 miles away and working, he's here stuck in the boonies with me with not even a store to walk to.
He's spent the week trying to talk to her to ease his isolation and she's spent the week trying to go to class, work and study. She's got a lot to do and he has not much at all. I go to work during the day so he's here alone with just the dog and cats. And they both complain to me!!!!! Grrrrrr
But I've tried to stay out of it with both of them, listen and not give my advice unless they actually ask and then I just try to give them more feedback than anything. The other day they were both ready to call it quits.
But they seem to have worked through most of it, I hope.
He's getting his car on the road tomorrow, yea! then going looking for a job, any job would be good. I haven't been home enough to give him a lot to do around here, but that's gunna change. And she's finally getting her car fixed, hopefully.
And me, I've got a big roll of duct tape that I'm probably going to use more and more this week..................
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You are putting a lot of trust and faith into recovering addicts. Prayers that it works out for you. Hugs, Marle (Duct tape is a wonderful invention, so many good uses)
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Wow, how tough it must be to have this all going on in front of you and to stay quiet...Good for you!! It is very nice of you that you have given him a place to stay while he finishes his probation, just don't loose yourself in the process. I too love duct tape
I hope things simmer down once he gets his car back and has a job...One day at a time for all of you. Hugs
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I know how hard it must be to let the two of them work it out, so I think you're doing great to just get that far. Let's hope he gets working soon and then they can save and move and let you have your freedom again

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I have a hard enough time with my RAS but someone thats not mine? I don't know if I could do that.

Good luck
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