update on son

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update on son

Thank you to all who have been keeping us in their prayers...

it has become clear that this was not a relapse but instead a breakdown brought on by a strong need for a med adjustment....
the adjustment was started but the tapering didn't go well

(for those of you who also struggle with the mental health/self medication part of addiction you get the picture)...

fortunately this time he was dealing with mental health issues but never did self medicate....his months of recovery helped with that and as a result it may be easier to get the meds figured out...:praying

in any son was hospitalized last week and he is slowly coming is unclear how long he will remain in the hospital but he is where he needs to be and getting the help he needs to get

as always I ask for your prayers just as I keep you in mine
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It sounds like he is where he needs to be. It has to be hard to deal with recovery and mental health issues.

Hugs and prayers to you and your son!

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your son has my prayers & so do you. hugs,
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Saying prayers that he gets exactly what he needs and that you get some peace of mind as well.
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I'm glad he's in a safe place and getting the help he needs. Hope you can take some time for yourself now. Prayers are with you every day ...
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Good news! Thanks
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remember to breathe
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oh great news, I'll continue praying for both of you.
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Get Caught Reading
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Sending continuing prayers for your son, and for you.
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Glad he's in a good place.
Once he gets this all starightened out, it should be full steam ahead!

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Hang in there, I am in the same boat with my son. We had to put him in the hospital last Sunday and waiting for the meds to start helping. It is the hardest thing I have every had to deal with in my life. I sent you a pm. I have you and your son in my thoughts.
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(((((Lil))))) Thank you for posting an update, I've been thinking of you. I'm so glad he is where he will get the medical attention he needs and meds adjusted. I've experienced the fear when a child is having significant mental health issues and it takes awhile to get the right combination; I'm sure this has been very difficult. Keeping you both in my prayers every day. Hugs
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Thank you all for your caring words...

My son has been through a rough few weeks....

last night he said that the only "good" part of the whole thing was knowing that during it all he never "used"...
of course that was partly b/c he was in his recovery house but only partly....
guys get caught using there so he could have found a way...

he is holding onto the knowledge that he didn't "use" despite all that was spinning around in his head....
I'm clinging to that life raft too...'s been a looooong week
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It was a good son is looking and sounding soooo much better

hospitals are quiet over the weekend so it was mostly just "down" time....

he has made the transition to a new med and now that the older one is out of his system we'll start to see if this new one is a good "match" for him

as always....thanks for the prayers and know you all are in mine
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I'm so glad that he is doing better and hope the new medicine "fits" with what he needs.

He DID do really good in not using...that's a major accomplishment and he should give himself a big pat on the back. It sounds like he's holding onto his recovery with both hands.

Hugs and prayers!

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so glad that your son is doing better. I know he must feel really good that he didn't use to cope with this. That is a huge step. I know that each RAH gets through a tough patch he is always happy to say that he didn't have to use. There is a lot of comfort in that.

Also, I'm really glad that he is where he can get the meds worked out. That dual diagnosis thing is really tough. I think many many addicts start out self medicating and it leads to addiction.

Thinking about you and your son - sending prayers as well.

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