update from jeepgirl

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update from jeepgirl

Hi everyone,
I am doing very well these days. I have a new job, and have become a consistent attender of Naranon meetings. I am at a meeting 1 to 3 nights per week, and it has helped very much.
My daughter is sober today (after 5 years of heroin addiction). She has just detoxed from 7 months on methadone, and is very motivated, has a great sponsor, and goes to meetings every day.
Its as if I have a young teenager in my home again. She doesn't know what she wants, where she wants to go, so she's taking it slow, and she is rediscovering friendship, family, and fellowship. Eventually, she would like to help young girls like herself.
My prayers are for all of us. I'll stop by to see you again.
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Jeep! It is so good to hear from you... how wonderful about your daughter. You were here during some of my most trying times.... I am glad to here you are doing so well.

Don't those face to face meetings just change our lives? I am always amazed how far I have come... and thrilled by what I might still discover.

THank you for posting.... (((hugs)))
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Too weird! I swear, I was just thinking about you this morning.
Here you are. Wow! What a great update. It's so good to hear
that your attending meetings and your daughter is doing well.
I'm so happy for both of you.
That said....

Stop in soon so you can talk longer and catch up on all the others.
Miss ya, love ya, and happy about your recovery.

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Happy to here life is good for both you and your daughter.
Addiction kills sometimes. But like your daughter, often there is recovery.
Reasons to keep faith and hope alive.
You deserve all this happiness.
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It's been a long journey but I am so happy that it has taken you and your daughter to a better path. Meetings are what helped me find my balance, discover who I was and taught me how to live well, no matter what was happening all around me.

Big huge hugs for you and your girl, it sounds like life's blessings are smiling on each of you.

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Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's recovery news

It has been a long journey and the journey continues except this time the road is taking you to nicer places!!

(((Blessings))) to you and your daughter
her recovery is the miracle that we all look for
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that is great news. it is just what i needed on this cold morning. i am glad you both are going to meetings. it is good to see you. hugs,
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Happy days are here again, huh! LOL

congrats and enjoy.
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All good news!
That is just great! So glad you popped back with your update.
You radiate hope, and serenity....

Hugs, and prayers,
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You've been on my mind too...So glad your life and your daughter's life are looking bright with unlimited possibilities.
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So good to see you and hear that things are going well.

I, like you, love the help that my meetings give me. If it's up to me, I'll never stop going to them.

Big hugs to you and your daughter. Tell her Hangin' In said she's so proud of her. And you...well, you are an inspiration.

Hangin' In
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Great News, keep us up to date.
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