prayers please

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grateful rca
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prayers please

hey you all, i miss you guys so much. i haven't been posting lately because it is so hard for me to use some of my fingers, so typing gets kind of painful. i go to the neurologist next wk and i'm praying that i can finally find out whats really going on with that. other than that, and the fact that i now have 3 herniated disk in my neck rather than 1, i'm doing just fine.

just wanted to let you all know that i think about you all a lot and that you are still continuely in my prayers. love yall
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Good to see you
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Jujubee Queen
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Hy teke!
I was just thinking about you this morning, and wondered where you were off to! Hopefully the Drs. can figure out what's going on with you!

Hugs, and prayers, and good to see you!
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Nice to see you again! miss you being around.
prayers for your recovery,
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Southern through and through
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I miss you, Teke. Prayers that the dr's can get you straightened out soon.

Hangin' In
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Hi teke!
Hoping for the best for you.
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Hi Teke, Like the others I have missed you and prayed for you. Sending more prayers that things will get straightened out really soon. Hugs, Marle
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I have missed you, thought, and prayed for you so often.
It's so good that you were able to stop in for an update.
Sorry to hear about your pain and suffering.
Please know that we're all right here waiting for you to
get well and come back for a longer visit.
Love ya,

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Awww Teke, I'm so sorry you are in such pain but I am so very glad to hear from you. You've got my prayers dear friend!
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I had been missing you.
Wishing you the very best and praying for your recovery.
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Sending more prayers for relief from this pain. Praying that the doctors will figure this out next week. In the mean time, know that you are in my prayers.
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it is good to hear from you. i sent you a message last week by another friend here. i have been thinking & praying for you. take care & i hope the drs. can get you fixed right up next week.miss ya. hugs,
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remember to breathe
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hey teke!!
glad you checked in.
hope all goes well with the doctor.

get better!!
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hi teke,
I've missed you too! I hope you'll feeling better soon.
Hugs & Prayers,
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Teke !!! I am soo glad to hear from you. I have thought of you often. I hope the Docs can help you feel better. Sooo glad to hear from you. Hang in there!!! Sending prayers.
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I've missed you too sending prayers an hugs.
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Lots of prayers for you Teke - you are missed.

Lots of love, Donna
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hope all is well with you and yours - good luck, good thoughts and godspeed my friend...

come back soon...

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hope all goes well with you
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