Her hole turning into grand canyon

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I haven't been on here for quite some time, but you are in my daily thoughts.
Hearing what your mom said to you reminds me of something my 91 yr. old client told me one day. "Sometimes we have to do hurtful things to save our children".

Sending love, hugs, prayers...................Lo
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There is a saying in Al-Anon that goes, "In nature there are no punishments or rewards. There are consequences." We put the label of good and bad on consequences. I found this saying the the book, "An Addict in the Family" by Beverly Conyers. I have always kept that saying in the back of my mind when I judge if what is happening to my daughter is good or bad. Instead if I look at it differently I can see that "it is what it is" a chance to learn. If you have not read that book yet, I suggest that you get it and read it. I have read it many times over when I have found myself in a bad place. It has helped a lot. Hugs, Marle
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thanks. I will go to the bookstore now.
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Marle is's a very good book. I actually bought it for my dad, so he could learn about addiction, but he doesn't want to. He thinks "you stopped, it's over"...gee, I wish it was that easy.

Sending you hugs and prayers, Susan....and Marle

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Sometimes, it takes awhile for the message to get thru the fog... I've learned that to be true for my sons AND for me.

You sound like you're doing well in all this. Your recovery sounds strong. Hopefully this will be an important life lesson for your AD and she'll want to choose a different path for herself.

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let it grow!
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mom hugs, i'm so sorry. k
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