Update & Adivce

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Update & Adivce

Hello all it has been a long time since I have posted on this board. My RAH has been clean now a little over 7 months. We had been separated up until the first of May. He did 6 weeks in rehab and has been doing great ever since. Before he left for rehab, i got pregnant. Not the best timing in the world, but nothing that I could do about it. I want and love this baby so bad. I am about 7.5 weeks from term. Things have been rough at times for us, learning to deal with our new life together. I am having a difficult pregnancy, I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I am having massive mood swings, that I try so hard to control. While we were separated, we were on our way to a divorce. I truly thought that the marriage was over. I was not living with an addict. I did not see any hope of him getting clean. I moved on, I dated an old friend from high school. We were intimate. I was very upfront with my husband when he came back. I told him everything and he said that he could deal with it. Last night out of nowhere, he tells me that he can't get over it and that he doesn't think that our marriage will work. So here I am at 8 months pregnant, Christmas is on a few days and my husband wants out. I have worked so hard at forgiving him and putting the past behind us. I feel like he could do the same for me. He says all that he thinks about everyday is me having an affair. I am not sure how do deal with this. I guess a part of me thinks that he might have slipped and the way to take the heat off himself is to turn it on me. Any advise would be appreciated. Is this typical behavior?

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Mkchic, I am sorry this is happening. I dont know what to say. I know that when my AH is doing something he shouldnt be or has done something he will do everything in his power to point out my faults and anything I have done wrong that he didn't like. Just anything to take the attention off of him. So, you could be right about that. Have ya'll talked about counseling? (((Mkchic)))
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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this while pregnant and b/4 christmas. Maybe he needs more time.

hugs and prayers
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