Tough thing with a positive result

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Tough thing with a positive result

I've been trying to deal with things I have not had the heart to address over the past year. Some things I am still not ready for, but like all things recovery - baby steps.

We have an old pick up truck that we bought when Kristen was involved in Jumper competitions with her horse. (the very adorable Reddy or Not, who is doing so well with my sister's family in NH. They love him to pieces and he loves being in a field with a bunch of mares, lol Gives my sorta niece in law a really tough time when he has to go back in the stall...He Loves his ladies!)

Anyway, since we gave them Red and the trailer, the pick up has sat around and been used only to bring leaves and limbs to the recycling center. It is far too old to pass the new emission standards and to put any money into to get it up to speed. (But I do love the old girl...There's something about the feel of bouncing around in an old pick up that I just enjoy)

This weekend I notified the Salvation Army that I would like to donate the truck. They will come pick up undrivable vehicles and provide a receipt for charitable contributions. I think the Salvation Army does amazing work and the car donation program specifically goes to help fund their recovery programs. I'm glad that this truck Kristen and I spent so many happy hours in will go to helping addicts with no resources find recovery. I wish there were more programs like that and more I could do.
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I picture Kristen looking down from heaven and smiling. What a wonderful way to pass on her things in a way that shows love for others.

And I have a feeling that there is one more special Christmas Angel watching over all of us.

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Your post brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips. That is such a wonderful way to help others. And I agree with Ann...a very special Christmas angel is smiling and watching over us.

Hugs and prayers!

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Ahhh I bet that is exactly what she would have wanted you to do..

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When my son went into his current program we donated his car to Salvation Army...the hardest part was cleaning out the husband said..."don't look anything over too closely....just toss it into the trash bag"....some heartbreaking mementos in that trunk...sigh

you are donating to a worth while organization....
blessings to you as you complete this next step
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I just love bouncing around in an old truck too!!

It must have been tough to part with that truck. I simply can't think of a more deserving organization than the Salvation Army. This is just one more way that your beautiful Kristen's spirit lives on.

Love ya Greet!!
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What a loving and thoughtful gift. Thank you, Ann, and thanks to your
Christmas angel.
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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You truely amaze me every day. What you did was selfless and a gift to someone in need. Even though your words are simple and soft and humble, they made my throat tighten and my eyes cloud up. I didn't even see it as an "old truck" that you gave away, but as a piece of yourself. You gave your heart.

You are a wonderful, wonderful person Greet. I love you dearly.

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Thanks for this post. I have a Toyota to donate but I hadn't decided which organiztion. You made it easy to decide.
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(((((((greet)))))) i feel your angel smiling down on you also. your post brought tears to my eyes.
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Giving the old gal to the Salvation Army seems such a fitting thing to do and I believe your angel Kristen would be so proud of her mama.

love & hugs ~

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Reading your post really made my heart smile. From my years of reading here I've noticed how many people have received help from the Salvation Army. I think that that is a wonderful home for the trunk. I bet that Kristen agrees...probably had an angel wing in showing you the way. I still think of her big spirit that just needed to spread out to expand her love to all of us.

Thinking of you - especially during this holiday season.

Love, Donna
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Kristen was a very lucky girl to have you as a mom!
God bless,
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Greet, What a wonderful gift. I got a big ol smile when you described you & Kristen bounching around. So do tell, did you ever purpusly try to hit a big bump so you guys would bounce even higher?
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Greet, you're a wonderful person.
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Oh Greet,
Another wonderful gesture from a truly gracious lady. I love old trucks too, or, in my case golf carts!!! My ah gave me a used one before he left on Mothers day. I have some short trails around my house...and I find every bump I can while zooming around with my grand children. The boys have tried sooo hard not to like the cart....not as cool as a dirt bike or atv, you know. So, I guess I am the Grammy inventor of the golf cart thrill ride!
I'm a little curious about in which part of NH your horse resides, my granddaughter is taking riding lessons and just loves it! I live in central NH, I would be honored to know that maybe she has ridden your horse.
Blessings to you Greet, you have taught me so much. I too struggle every day, looking out over all the sheds and equipment that ah was so proud of. I've set a date of next spring to decide to stay here or go, such a tough thing to decide, I've been here 32 years, and hate to leave, but the house is literally starting to fall around me. Ah was designing one when he left, a house for us to retire in. Maybe I should put that in Ann's Hallmark thread, lol.
Hope you find peace in your holidays, ((((Greet))))
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Sounds lke a Norman Rockwell moment. I picture you and Kristen in the old red pick up leaving dust in the trail behind you.....riding along a country road with horses in the fields. A visual to warm my heart.
Take this memory and hold it to your heart.

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What a wonderful story. I loved my old pickup too, and finally donated her. Wish I'd thought of the Salvation Army at the time!!

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What a wonderful contribution....and I know it's from your heart...

I can't help but think about the Alan Jackson song, "Drive"

"It was just an old hand-me-down Ford
With a three-speed on the column and a dent in the door
A young boy two hands on the wheel
I cant replace the way it made me feel
And I would press that clutch
And I would keep it right
And he'd say, "a little slower son you're doing just fine"
Just a dirt road with trash on each side
But I was Mario Andretti
When daddy let me drive"

Makes me smile thinking of you and your daughter driving in it...
I'm sure she's smiling down on you today...

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The boys have tried sooo hard not to like the cart....not as cool as a dirt bike or atv, you know.

When we first got the truck Kristen was at the age where it was so uncool to be caught in this big ole squeky thing....I think she was happy she was so tiny (all "5 foot-nothin" of her) people wouldn't see her riding with me (unless I made her bounce too're so right, Helpus) But as she got older, the truck was so uncool it was cool, lol. And once she got her license, she drove it a few times...I even let her pull the trailer which thrilled her. She looked like such a little kid in such a big truck and had a hard time reaching the pedals.

Probably one of my fondest memories of that ole truck is one of the horse shows where Bruce Springsteen was there with his little girl. He had this big shiny brand spankin' new black king cab truck with a huge brand spankin' new 4 horse goose neck trailer and about 4 grooms...all for his little girl and her (probably million dollar) pony. I couldn't resist...there was a spot open right next to them, so I pulled in with my 82 GMC and 4th hand trailer and we unloaded our tailless horse. I thought it was neat though that he and his wife made the time to be there for their little girl...They were on the show circuit quite a bit and even came to the final award night dinner.

mjpaao, Red is in the Ossipee the White Mountains. He's a horse with no tail (born without a dock) and usually they don't survive much past their first year, so he's not one people forget once they meet him. Here he is when she was first teaching him how to can't tell the no tail from this angle though....well you sorta can...if you look between his hind legs, you will see nothing is hanging.

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