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Welcome...I'm sure as you read the posts here you will realize everything you feel is so "normal" (as if anything is normal when addiction enters your life) Reading the stickies, especially What addicts do will also confirm that his behavior is pretty much the norm with addiction as well.

Whether you stay or go is a choice only you can make, but I would encourage you to try some Alanon or Naranon meetings -(They are for those who have loved ones with addictions). I'd also encourage you to try to protect yourself financially as much as possible. If his disease is progressing, finances will sometimes happens very quickly. Keep an eye on any joint accounts, credit cards, etc and see if you can start separating them and having some things in just your name. HUgs; I'm so sorry you are going through this but youhave found a good place filled with caring people.
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Hi hateit - I am also new here and in a similar situation - deciding which path I am going to go down. It's easy to want to leave and to know that it will be the best thing for you, but it's hard to actually go through with it. It is for me, anyway. I am still with my AH.

I am certain you will find the courage do to the right thing for yourself and your family.
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welcome. you're in the right place for support and love!
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Thumbs up Great thread!

Hi all! Wife of an addict--
Just reading all the different opinions on here has helped me. I agree--we all have our own way of dealing with the situation. In other words, to leave or not leave..when to leave....when to decide to take care of yourself..etc.

HB is on his 1st week of Suboxone so hopefully I will be posting a great success story someday soon!!

I've actually said something positive! Been a long time...
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You can buy test kits at any Walgreens or CVS you cant ignore this or wish it away or love it away or bitch it away you have to deal with it head on it is a progressive disease if he wants the relationship to work he will do what you ask and if you want him to reamain sober find meetings for him to go to in your area. It makes it easier to deal with a situation when you know you are not alone It works for me thats why I am here and I keep comming back. GOOD LUCK TO YOU !!
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