My Thanksgiving:)

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Smile My Thanksgiving:)

My daughter came for dinner. She was an hour late, but I told my husband beforehand to plan according to the addict's schedule and not to be thinking that we would eat at 4. He was a bit crabby about the delay, but I told him it is only food and you have not seen your daughter for almost 9 months, so be grateful that she is coming. (She did phone and let me know she would be late.) I could tell that she was high, but it was not dropping your face in your plate high, so it was doable. She now has a cell phone and told me that I can call her anytime I want. Before I would not call because it was the abf's phone and I do not like hearing his voice. It was a nice dinner and she was very pleasant. She was clean, had on makeup, was dressed nice and even had lost weight. She took some more of her clothes now that she can fit into them. The one thing she needed was a coat and so I gave her one of my old ones that I no longer wear. She if having a hard time with the asthma. She was very short on breath and told me that she was just on antibiotics for a severe cold. I don't know which will get her first, the asthma or the drugs. I did not discuss drugs or recovery with her. Just talked about things that we are both doing. She has moved to another town about 2 hours away. She told me the abf was picked up for non payment of child support, spent two hours in jail and has a court date. I think that is the reason for the frequent moves, but that is his sh*t and I won't let myself lose sleep over it Anyway, I hope you all had a good turkey day and I made sure to send the leftovers home with the daughter. That saves me the trouble of throwing them out next week. Hugs, Marle
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So glad you were able to visit and not make a big deal about recovery stuff.
Giving her the coat was a nice gesture. I'm sure she appreciated it alot.
As for the abf, if he owes lots of support...he made do time for it. lol
oops, sorry.
If he does have to do time and I'm not foreseeing and reading anything into this, buuuuttttt? Without him around, she may think about getting clean.
I pray she does.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, sweetie.
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Marle -

So glad your daughter came and it sounds like you did GREAT!!! I'm also glad that you can now call her without having to go through him.

Hugs and prayers!

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Marle -

You've added to my T'giving happiness. What a wonderful thing you had happen.....It's sounds like things went as well as they could have. I'm just glad that you got to see her! Take care and thanks for sharing!

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So glad to hear that your daughter made it to your house for Thanksgiving day dinner.
Sure is better to be late than to not make it at all. Did the ABF come too?

The last holiday that my son spent with us, they were 2 hours late.
No, that was the next to the last. Because the last time was his birthday. We were to meet at a restaurant. Everything was on for 5:00 pm. WE got the call at the restaurant at 5:20...."I'm sorry Mom, but......" and then some B..S... story.

Marle, God Bless You. There is hope yet for your daughter and for all of our loved ones.
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I'm so happy that you got to see her.
She's in my prayers tonight...and so are you and your sweet hubby.

Your love surrounds her, Marle. (just like your old coat). And she knows it.
Hugs from one Michigan gal to another.
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No the abf did not come. I helped her carry some bags out to his car when he came to pick her up and I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. But he buys her drugs and so one boundary that I will not cross is having any kind of relationship with him. I will not give her the impression that it is okay to be with him although I can accept that she is where she wants to be right now. When I was helping her with the bags, she told me that Steve would probably sh*t his pants when he saw me coming out. I told her to relax. I am through trying to force consequences on them, they are doing just fine all by themselves. We both laughed. Hugs, Marle
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marle...I'm so happy to hear you had a nice day.

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So glad you got to spend time with Megan and enjoy things as they are today. I'm glad she is looking well and that you had a good visit. You are a terrific mom and wonderful person...thanks for all you share here!!! Hugs
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I'm glad you had a nice dinner with your daughter.

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glad you got to have dinner with megan. it always means alot. you did good leaving her recovery to her. prayers for you both & just maybe he will have to serve some time & during that time she can get clean.there is always that hope. hugs,
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I'm glad you had a good turkey day.
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I am glad your dinner went well. Your recovery is showing, and is something to be proud of. I'm sure he almost sh*t his pants seeing you come towards his car. You did the right thing wishing him a happy thanksgiving.
Enjoy whatever time you have with your daughter.
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I am so thankful that Megan continues to reach out to you. It may be a little step, but knowing she can call you, coming for dinner, and her continuously reaching out is a positive step. As you told me once, she is in there! I will continue to pray for her safety and health until she finds her way back.:praying
love ya,
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