ThanksGiving day Walk and I am FURIOUS

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just goes to show ya that it's everywhere, I would be pissed too.
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Elena I'm not offended you get to feel how you feel.

But as an experienced (Unfortunately) meth user,
let me remind you that those dealers have guns
in their cars and they aren't afraid to use them.

What WOULD offend me is if one of them shot you.

It happens. Please use your head not your anger
in dealing with these situations.

I mean that with the sincere respect.

One of the reasons
I quit using was because my dealer was going to
"have me taken care" over $40.00 and I stupidly
and very naively thought he was a nice guy, I was blown
away at how fast his flipped his switch with me.
And the $40.00 was his mistake, that he was going to make
up to me next time. There was never a next time for me,
he scared the hell out of me.

And your dog as well, they wouldn't think twice about
hurting your dog.

JMO, I'm sorry you had to deal with this situations.:comfort

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All you can do is report what you saw. Hopefully they'll keep an eye on the area.
And you need to stay safe. Along with the paper and cell, (by the way, cells have a message record feature, no need for paper), you might also bring along a nice little pistol.
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Noooo...let's not encourage guns....

I know I'm not very big...well actually I'm bigger than I was...(menopause..LOL)
but heck, us women carry a gun, and if we're not trained, we could very well end up all shot up!

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I apologize to those I have offended. Stone, I know YOU are in recovery but there was a time when you were not. Who worried over you? Who wasted years of their life hoping to help YOU get better? Did you steal when you were an addict? Did you ever deal when you were an addict? If you did deal, how much of what you dealt, or through the ripple effect, got another person started in addiction? ACTIVE ADDICTION HURTS EVERYONE. The people not addicted who get hurt are my concern, not that addict who is doing the hurting. That person has to find his or her own path and they can do it without either my help or my compassion.

I am truly happy for your recovery and your continued recovery and wish everyone who has hit recovery and stuck with it would be like you and many others on this forum. However, if you read the statistics, recovery is far more rare than continued use, or brief clean periods followed by (yet another) relapse. Is that harsh? Yes. Reality and the truth often are.

And yes, Wascally, I am going to pursue a pistol permit.. I won't have a weapon and NOT know how to use and not be trained. I have a shot gun and a rifle and I am excellant with both. As someone once said, "an armed society is a polite society.."

Yes Moose, if you are not trained, and even if you are, the gun could be turned on you. So could any other weapon from a rock to a can of pepper spray to a gun! Always worth remembering if you are ever in a dangerous situation. BTW most people who get shot at are missed.. because most shooters, while in piossession of guns, are only good shots when you are within 10 feet of them! They have guns but don't practice (for obvious reasons).

The bottom line here for me is this:
Every day I read in some newspaper about some addict who has done damage... theft, violence, beatings and killings for their drugs. My point is they are active users that I saw on my walk which makes them absolutely unpredictable.

Nothing and no one on mind altering drugs is predictable from your pet cat to a human being. That is just the way it is. Active addicts have murdered and beaten their spouses, parents, grandparents, innocent bystanders and others because they were high on drugs and lost touch with reality or needed to get their next fix and lost touch with reality. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO DID THESE THINGS WERE SOMEONE'S CHILD. BEING SOMEONE'S CHILD DID NOT STOP THEM!! Some were someone's Father or Mother or spouse as well!

While it is painful to think "your" child (anyone's addicted child) would do any of these things, the bottom line if they have enough drugs in their system or enough desire for drugs they are capable of it.

No one who is an addict, actively using and seeking to use, can be trusted NOT to do something violent. Just because they never have; just becuase they were your babies; just because you love them does not mean they never will or never would. As often stated here.. if love could make an addict turn around and find recovery, they all would do it.

Again, I know my words are harsh and I know many do not want to see them and I will likley lose respect from some people for saying them. Regardless of my reasons, some will be offended by my words and I am likely to have a few people actually hate me. Take a number and stand in line if you do.. I hope you like to wait behind a lot of other people!
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Originally Posted by Elana
This is a real rural area. My Pump action 12 ga doesn't ask questions...
I don't recall those people threatening you, Elana. You can't shoot people for annoying you, and the law is there to handle the rest.

Protecting yourself in your own home is one thing, but arming yourself to shoot anyone who "doesn't belong" in your neighbourhood is justice vigilante style and will get you 10-life depending on the damage you do.

It's one thing to express your anger and vent, it's quite another to call names and suggest arming ourselves is the better way to handle these things.

I truly believe this thread has about said all that can be said on the subject and is at a point where emotions are dictating the responses, not common sense.

So, although I rarely do it, I am closing this thread.

Thankyou all for your input.

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