Famous Words by your loved one

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Power is not having to respond
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I wasn't passed out on the toilet for 4 hours, I just fell asleep.
(his head was hanging down by his feet when I found him almost od'd from oxycontin)
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"that's not smoke. It's just the kids burning incense." - um..I'm allergic to pot smoke. not buying that one.

"OK, give up on me now. The next girl will have the benefit of me sober. You just gave up too soon."

"You just can't cut it."

"If you just (fill-in) prayed more, set goals, had "my" commitment to self-improvement, this wouldn't hurt you so much."

"You want to come over now?!"

"What's going to change in 6 months? I've been sober for 10 days. Why can't we get back together?"

"Oh, that was just a phone solicitor."
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"I know i run away from my problems, i know i do drugs when i runaway from my problems, but i don't have a problem with drugs" (i actually wrote this one down to repeat to her when she was clean...clean for the day the minute, whatever)

It's your fault i do drugs anyhow...
you should be more ___fill in blank____________________

well if you would just let me do what i want to do we would get along better!
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Originally Posted by Lovestoomuch View Post
"My stupid boss shorted my paycheck again!"
That's one of the ones I heard alot! LOL

Originally Posted by Lovestoomuch View Post
"I only do $70 a week in drugs" Seems like the number 70 was pretty popular around here at one time LOL
Wasn't there color that was popular too? I think it was the dealers name... Red?
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Some of these really hit home for me. And sadly I have some to add from my husband.

"Your always blowing things out of proportion."
"I don't know why I lost my job."
"It is my money and I will spend it how I want too."
"I will do it later."
"All I want is for everyone to trust me and then I will change."

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I think I may have posted some of these before but even now, a year after I left him, the absurdity of some of the things that he said to me (or screamed at me) still ring in my head at times:

- "Well at least I never put a needle in my arm or robbed a convenience store clerk"
- "My addiction to drugs is no different from your cigarette smoking" (ummm...I never spent $7000 on cigarettes in 8 weeks...)
- "Number of crimes I've committed or been the victim of while buying drugs? ZERO!" (huh?...does this statement seem bizarre to anyone but me?)
- Then here's another one... "I may have done bad things and been a bad person while I was with you, but YOUR reaction to these things is something I DO NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE IN MARRIAGE" (again, all I can say is...huh? or WTF?)
- Me: "Who's that in the taxi with you?". Him: "Just a friend".
- "I wouldn't touch a woman like that...I only did crack with her because I knew she wouldn't rob me. I never even took my shoes off" (for 2 days...?)
- "It's my money too"
- "Mind your own &%$#ing business"
- "I don't &%$#ing report to you"
- "All you care about is &%$#ing money"
- "Grow the &%$# up"
- "Shut the &%$# up"
- "You're &%$#ing CRAZY"
- "You're &%$#ing PARANOID"
- "You're &%$#ing over-reacting, AS USUAL!"
- "You never &%$#ing loved me"
- "You never &%$#ing knew me"
- "I'm not &%$#ing chained to you" (we were married)
- "Leave me the &%$# alone"
- "Get the &%$# out of my life"

So. I got out. And I have learned since then that I was the abusive one...according to him. Am I nuts? I spoiled him rotten...this is what I got in return. Why?
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I forgot to add the most hurtful and potent message he has ever sent in my direction. He has not attempted to contact me even once on his own, nor has he responded to my few feeble attempts to contact him in a year. It's like I never existed, and yet I was the "love of his life", the one he "couldn't live without", the "best thing that ever happened to him". He did get a bit choked up on the night that I left and handed him the keys to our house. After that...nothing. Not one word to me. Not one word to my sons who loved him like a father (they're both grown). Not one word period. How does one deal with something so cruel...or make sense of it all? I feel like a ghost. Like I never existed. Like the life, love, laughter, friendship and marriage I shared with him for 10 years was a dream. I've moved on with my life, but I'm this "silent" response of his a symptom of addiction or of a purely dysfunctional human being? Don't most people grieve the loss of love and a spouse in their lives?
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'I would never do drugs again. I have the crack pipe because I don't have any money, I sell crack to get by.'

'I have ALLERGIES!' When questioned why her eyes were red and she was constantly sniffing. She was a heroin snorter...

'I lost the job because they don't like me. It is not my fault!'

'I took a nap at work and my manager was supposed to wake me up! Now I don't have a job and it is her fault!'

'I am going to an NA meeting, can I borrow your car.' Oopss, she meant, I am going to buy drugs, give me your car.

'The pharmacist gave you Ibuprofen instead of Percocet for your broken arm?? I can't believe they did that! Do you want me to call and complain?'

'I am sorry I was on drugs for 2 years of your life.' Oopps, she forgot a 2, 22 years.

I feel bad posting this. I could go on and on. I still love her and pray for all of our families....I pray one day there will no longer be any addiciton problems.

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After stealing her Grandmothers car for a few days , with no phone call to say she is alive , she says " oh I washed the car and gave it a good vacuum " WTF ! she used the car to get high with some fellow addict and the addicts six year old daughter in the car , all while they had an undercover cop in the car also !

" your so F'ing selfish " when I asked for her rent money ??

"you should have never opened your legs " she loves to attack me for being a single parent . like it was my choice ???

"if you would stop f'ing nagging me I would quit smoking crack !! "

" I am being held hostage , can you bring some money " I responded with " oh my I better call the media , this story will be hot for the six pm news ! "

" I don't know where your camera , bracelet , ring etc.. is ??" hmmm I guess they grew legs and walked outta the house all on their own ??

There are so many other curse words I could use , I am always the target of her anger/rage when she is coming down . I always get the blame for her going " over the edge." Could it be wrong that I think she should pay her way ? rent ? while she stays with us ?? I mean she is 28 years old with a full time job , I am a single mom with two children , no child support , my mom is retired and for some reason I am outta line by asking for her to pay rent ??? I wonder what would happen if I asked her to buy some toilet paper , laundry soap , food , etc... I wonder what would happen if she turned on the t.v and there was no cable ? or maybe when she is cold the furnace wouldn't work ?? How can you go through life with sense of responsibilty for anything ? she doesn't even set an alarm clock for work , she has to be up by 11am !!! and if no one calls her she blames us for being late !! LOL
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"son it's time for you to get a girlfriend get her pregnant and have a kid" summer before grade 9
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rayofsunshine, yes the name red was in his cell phone too. I thought that was strange.
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"It's my life." This is something I totally agree with. It is her life and I don't have to like it so I leave her alone. "You always want me to be perfect." Well if by that you mean I don't want you wasting your life snorting heroin and smoking crack. Then yeah Hugs, Marle
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She said "why can't you just trust me".
The next day "haven't you ever said anything you didn't really mean".
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here goes............
1. the hair follicle test results are WRONG because I don't do drugs anymore. You're going to believe a test result BEFORE me?

2. I didn't call like I promised because I dropped my cell phone and the batteries fell out and I had to repair the whole phone to make it work. (I guess that took seven hours, right?)

3. No, I won't take a urine test right now , tonight because you seem to believe I can alter those so I'll just WAIT and take another hair test. Then I'll show all of you.

4. Sometime I just get tired and it's just not worth it.

Those are just a "few' of the recent ones.........and of, course, he says he still is drug free......SURE! dixie (p. s. and if you can't tell I am fed up!)
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" you can do whatever you want but if you EVER tuch that F***ing crack pipe I'll kick your ass"
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My abrother is prone to long drawn out wildly unbelievable stories of how some other person caused some unpredictable thing to occur which accidentally lead him to be in some really bad pickle - completely innocently, of course. ;-)

Here's a few:

Upon asking me to pay for the plane tickets to Hawaii he had bought his wife (now ex wife) for her birthday he explains "I don't know what happened. I gave the travel agent my credit card. But then somehow the credit card company thought it was a fraulent charge and they cancelled the card. And they didn't even call me!!! And neither did the travel agent's office. Can you believe that??!!! So now, I have to pay them today or I can't give - wife's name - her birthday gift" -

I said "no, sorry, I can't"

He said "Oh. Well. Uh. I guess I can see how that would be hard to explain to dh so maybe if you needed some work done at your house I could buy stuff on my work home depot card and you could just pay me cash......or I could take a check."

I said "uh. no."

And that's just one of a gazillion doozies. It's really mind boggling.

It's gotten to the point where some of the stories are predictable. Like, he's always late - even to christmas dinner - the excuse is either 1) I overslept (been a bad week, or I was sick) or 2) the car broke down.

Here's a good one:

"Man, I really did a number on my back this week. We had this crazy deadline....were working 'til midnight....blah blah blah...are you really gonna use those percocets you got after that c-section you just had. "

or (also after any surgery I've had)

"You know. I could always do you a favor and go get your prescriptions filled for you or something. You just let me know!"

Thankfully, I've never been stupid enough to fall for any of it.
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I need you to help me quit.
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"You did not have any operation and were not in the hosptial. I need those pills- you are only faking it!!! You f#####g b$$$h!!!! I am taking your pills- all 10 of them!!!!!! So there!!!"

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The things they say

"If you have a problem with me it's all your fault. You never listen."
"I would never touch drugs. I am against them."
"I can't repay it. I spent it."
"Stop looking at me."
"Don't touch me."
"I'm tired. Just shut up and go away and let me sleep."
"I can't be bothered."
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If you would have let me drink in high school, i would have learned how to handle it.

I have a right to fail.
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