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Nicole0927 11-10-2007 09:09 AM

My first meeting
Hello Everyone, I attended my first meeting last night. For once I felt comfortable discussing my issues around others that share the same problems. It has given me much more hope for my future. I intend on finding a sponser and I'm going to complete my 12 steps.

I also started reading Co-dependcy no more and it is amazing how much I can relate to the stories of other people in that book. I'm reading the chapter about detachment, that seems to be my biggest problem/fear with the addict in my life. I have admitted/accepted that I to have problems and I'm 100% co-dependent. There was a day not to long ago when I pointed my finger at him blaming him for my life feeling like it ia a complete mess when in fact I'm the only one responsible for my life.

It is my turn to recover and I have lots of hope anf faith that they future will be much better than today!!

Thank you everyone for your advice and I hope that in my journey I too can help others.

Lovestoomuch 11-10-2007 10:12 AM

Good for you Nicole! I'm so happy you found a group you feel comfortable with in your first meeting. I know my group was a blessing to me at a time when I felt my life was falling completely apart and couldn't wait for Thursday nights (that's when the meetings were here). Keep going and remember......progress not perfection. Big hugs for you sweetie!:hug:

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