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I'm sorry you're going through this with your daughter. Hugs for the both of you.

I don't know the laws in NC, but we were in Texas when our son was 16. I was floored by the laws there. I think it was at age 17 that I could no longer force him to do anything (it became kidnapping, etc) but I was responsible for his school attendance until he was 18. Go figure. We got through it, you will too.

My advice would be to check on your legal rights and legal obligations.
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Hi Sjr,

Welcome to SR. You've found a place where there are people who understand what you are going through. I, too, am a mother of an addicted daughter. She's 25 now and is clean and sober today. And I'm grateful for every day that she is sober. There is hope.

I, like some others, would recommend finding some Al Anon meetings in your area and attend. I know in my meetings I have fellow mothers who I can talk and share with. That has helped me so much along with what Al Anon has taught me. I wouldn't take anything for my meetings and I don't miss them if I can help it.

I learned about setting boundaries and "saying what I mean but not saying it mean" in those meetings. And I learned how I was enabling my daughter to stay in her addictin by rescuing her when I should have let her suffer the consequences of her own decisions.

See, so much to learn and you can do it and feel better if you just

Hugs and hope to see you around some more,

Hangin' In
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