Need Help- Halfway house filthy-son has staph infection

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Need Help- Halfway house filthy-son has staph infection

My son has been in a halfway house for about 2 weeks. This place is an old hotel turned into a half way house. Well, everyone has to have a room mate. My son's roommate is absolutley FILTHY. He was describing how bad it was in this room with this guy.
Now, my son has developed a staph infection in one finger. He did go to the dr and got antibiotics, but says the finger is getting worse.

My question is this:
How can a facility operating as AA sponsored (but no funding of any kind) operate a place this filthy, or at least force someone to stay with a room mate that is this filthy? He has asked to be moved but they refuse to move him.

Is there anything that can be done?
And, aslo, what do you watch for when it comes to staph infection?
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Oh man, the poor kid, I would tell him to keep going to the doctors with this merca (sp) scare thats going around. thats a nasty bacteria.

Ill keep him in my prayers
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that is awful.i wish i had some advice. i hate this has happened.can he find another half way house to go to? prayers are with him & you. i know this has to upset you. he is there to get better & this has happened. prayers,
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Most staph infections are harmless and will go away, however MRSA
could be a concern if it is not healing. Generally this use to be an
infection that was most often seen in hospitals. My son had a open
wound on his cheek when in developed into MRSA, which is
methicillin resistant staphylococcus aures. He had to go on I.V. medication
for 2 weeks as it is resistant to broad spectrum antibiotics. It should be
checked out and not left too long. Perhaps you could google this to
learn a little more regarding his symptoms and suggest he have it checked
out again.

If his room mate is filthy perhaps he could recommend he shower or bath
as he may be the carrier of the germ.

Hopefully he can resolve it and perhaps suggest he clean the room throughly.

Good luck,

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The house can't be AA sponsored as there is no such thing. Prob. they req. tenants to attend AA. IMHO - I understand your concern abt the infection but dealing with the roomate and changing rooms is dealing in territory that should belong to your son why are you taking on that worry? I like the hoola hoop analagy
If the situation is unbearable maybe your son will invest. other halfway housing
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Spiritual, I appreciate the response. I am more concerned about the infection at this point. Staph is pretty scarey stuff. I was concerned that this is a slum, and run by AA.
Anyway, thanks too, for the knowledge that AA does not sponsor.
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Just my opinion. He needs to continue to go to the dr. Staph of any kind is nothing to mess with, it must be taken care of. I know nothing about this 'new staph" except what I have read. I did have a staph infection behind my heart in 1990-in the hospital 2 wks. and off work for 3 months-! Told I got it because my hands were dry and cracked I I had picked it up shopping. Lost my taste and sense of smell completely. I would think they would move him or at move or throw out his nasty roommate. My AH contracted a staph infection in prison (a brand new one under construction) 4 yrs. ago and after 2 months of treatment is was cured. He simply needs continued medical treatment!!!!!!!! With any luck they will find it it is easy to treat. Not all staph infections are the "new scarey" one. Praying for your son and your family. LOL
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First, make sure he sees a Dr. and have them do a culture for MRSA.

I have MRSA (I got it when I was a nurse). If it is caught soon enough, he can take an oral antibiotic (I won't post the name of it here, since I'm not a Dr.). But if it isn't caught fast enough, Lauren is right - you need IV antibiotics.

The first time I had it, I had to be put on very strong IV antibiotics and again the 2nd time. Now, that I know what to look for, I can take the oral antibiotics. This is something I will have for the rest of my life, according to the doctors, but I have only had 1 flareup in a year and it was easily controlled with the oral antibiotics.

Hugs and prayers!

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If he believes it is getting worse, he needs to go to the E.R.
This is nothing to fool around with.

He may need a different antibiotic, he may need the area
debrided, or cleaned out.

If it is indeed MRSA, which stands for "Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus"
it can spread quite quickly...

If he thinks it is worse take him to E.R. today.
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Just sending some thoughts and prayers. :praying
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