Prayers needed again please

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Prayers needed again please

We go to court on Monday to find out if we get guardianship of my two grandkids. I know the prayers on here work I've seen it, so could you please say a prayer that we get this. The older one has lived here all his life he where he is happy an safe, it will hurt him more than he already is by all of this, an it will kill me if they take him away. He loves his sister an would never understand if she were taken away. If the Judge approves this it will be the best for everyone Mother, Father everyone. I'm a nervous wreck can you tell?
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Prayers going out. ((((BIGHUGS)))) 2.
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Huge hugs and prayers going out. I know you are stressed, but we went through this SEVERAL times with my niece...they would only give my stepmom (her maternal grandmother) guardianship for 2 years at a time. After about the 3rd time of this, they finally gave her permanent guardianship.

Hugs and prayers!

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No need to worry...most times things turn out just as they should.
This will go your way Just put out positive energy that you know the right decision
will be made. You will be in my prayers.
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Prayers going out from me too. I really think God takes care of the babies who are the innocents in all this, and it sounds like they are blessed to have you there for them.

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Sending prayers that the judge will see fit to give you guardianship of your grandbabies. Hugs, Marle
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Adding my prayers too. Your HP will take care of all of you. You are a great grandmom to take care of these little ones. They know they are loved and the judge will see that too.
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Sending out prayers
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Giant Hugs and Even Bigger prayers for you lp. (((((Lostparent))))
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Prayers coming your way....

I trust that your H.P. will do what needs to be done.....
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Prayers for you and the babies!
P.S. How is your daughter?

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they are blessed to have you. you have my prayers. let us know the out come.hugs,
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Daughter is still in jail case worker from CS went to see her on tues. that was the first she had seen or heard from them since she got locked up. So she is sober due to being locked up, she is of course upset at not being with her kids over the holidays. Last time she was in jail I thought getting the drugs out of her system would be enough, thought her head would clear an she'd be fine. Well I KNOW better this time. She needs some kind of drug program. The case worker is going to try an have the judge court order rehab an have her sent somewhere. Hopefully she can. This jail as nothing the men have AA meetings, the women have nothing.
Thanks everyone for your prayers an thoughts.
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My heart goes out to you and to your grandchildren. That is such a painful road to walk. Lifting up the situation to my HP, praying that the Judge's eyes will see your precious grandchildren for who they really are - two innocent little ones and make the decision with a truly compassionate heart.

Wishing you Serenity & Joy,
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Prayers for you, the grandkids and the judge.
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Wanted to mention that my daughter an her sons father ask us to do this. She still wants it, she realizes she might mess up again an lose them. The father says he still does, but I'm not real sure about him. CS hasn't exactly kept us up on what's going on,so I don't know what they will have to say at the hearing.
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Lost -

Since they asked for it, that goes more in your favor - but I personally think you don't have anything to worry about.

With my niece, her mom was killed when niece was a baby, so there was no issue there. Her "dad" (sperm donor) actually applied for custody a couple months ago. After I talked with CPS worker and gave her his prison record (she asked for it), they told him he needed to withdraw his petition for adoption because "you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting this child". We still stressed about it at the time, though.

Hugs and prayers!!

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Sending my prayers and hugs too. Praying that the judge gives you gaurdianship. Hang in there over the week-end and stay strong. I have a feeling things will go your way.
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((( lostparent))))
Prayers going out for your family. This must be such a tough situation for you, I know how much my children and grand children mean to me, I can't imagine being in your shoes. Try to relax and enjoy them over the weekend, I can't imagine any judge would rule against you.
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I will say a prayer for you this evening. I am sorry you have this anxiety.
Please rest in HP and know that what ever happens is because it's supposed to.
Things are going to be ok.
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