salvation army adult rehabilitation center

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salvation army adult rehabilitation center

I am counting my blessing because the adult rehabilitation center run by the salvation army has probably saved my sons life. He still has a long way to go but at age 26 he had been in and out of six different treatment centers. Finally this was his only alternative....out of state. He has extended his time past six months and is waiting for a job there. Once he gets hired he will live in a house in back of the center. I think he feels safe there at least for now. He thinks he'll have no problem getting a job and moving on but I think it will always be a problem for him. I'm just wondering if any one else out there has had experience like this.
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My nephew went through a faith-based rehab (not SA) and ended up marrying the pastor's daughter and living on the premises for four years. It worked better for him that way.

Each of us finds our way to recovery however we can. If it would keep him sober, I would let my son live on the Moon. Ok....maybe not on the MOON, but I would accept a lot if it mean he could stay sober.

Congratulations... this is a big thing!
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That is wonderful news. goes to demonstrate that an A doesn't really have any better odds at the $40,000 rehab then at the Salv. Army. Timing seems to be key.
Sometimes as parents we might think our kid is too good for that level of treatment. I Better rethink that.
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When I was doing professional fund raising for
non profit organizations...
The Salvation Army had the best rating of any charity
as 97% of their funds went
directly into their programs.

I do know alcoholics/addicts who used them years ago
and who now are sober/clean in AA/NA.
Sorry...never counted numbers of them vs. other places.

Anyway....because of their effectiveness and their
allocation of funds....

The Salvation Army gets my vote and donations.

I do hope all goes well for your son Dor

Blessings to both of you.
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My husband has been to the finest treatment centers in the past. He is now living at the local YMCA in a program called Mens Safe House. This experience has been nothing but humbling and helpful to us both. Sharing a bathroom with 15 other men really helps you with acceptance of other people. They have programs for family that I have taken full advantage of. You can come and go pretty much as you please so everyday they put their "trust" in you that you will make the right choices. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the fine people who run this facility.
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My son went through the Salvation Army program a couple of times and found it very good. Although he still struggles today, he got his longest clean time (once up to 3 years) after coming out of the SA program.

And I like that they cost nothing, anyone can go. I find that any program is as good as the participant's willingness to work it.

The Salvation Army is also a charity very dear to my heart, working for everyone and non-judgmental.

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You all have given me hope.
Maybe I can suggest the Salvation Army to my son when he gets done with jail next summer.

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Glad your son is making such progress.
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My husband went through the Salvation Army program... twice. He quit after 30 days the first time, relapsed 1 week later. He went back... and completed his 7 months of treatment. While a gifted carpenter, he chose to find a job working with the Salvation Army in their warehouse as a "bricky supervisor". He maintains the relationships he formed there, and continues to rely on them for support. He knew he needed the constant of familiar surroundings, and the people he met there continue to support him in his recovery. He has been clean for 11 months now.
It is a hard program for many people to follow, but those that choose to do so can succeed. I'm glad your son is doing well. He has many opportunities with the SA, the most important being he's surrounded by other people dedicated to sobriety.
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happy to hear your son is still doing good. in answer to your question,sometimes their drug problem & arrest (if they have any) follow them the rest of their life. i knew an addict that for yrs. would not go anywhere except meetings & work. the only place they felt safe was at home. i hope he continues to do good & work his program. it is a one day at a time program & he has to work it out for himself.prayers,
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