Epilepsy and Heroin...and more

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Epilepsy and Heroin...and more

I feel kind of like i have no right to post here since I have been gone for so long but hopefully someone will have advice.

My AS while in active use had two grand mal seizures. He "reported" that he was using heroin at the time. I have since learned he had other stuff on board. Maybe not that day or that time, but recent to the seizure. All the docs agreed heroin would not cause a seizure and he was diagnosed epileptic after brain scans to rule out other things.

He is 9 months sober now and believes his seizures were drug related. He stopped taking his epilepsy meds over two months ago.

He is very anti-medication as part ofhis program, which I respect. This part worries me tho. Anyone have experiemce with epilepsy and sobriety? Any research you can link in or PM me?

TIA and I love you all. You got me started on the path that led to to confronting hm, and ultimately his sobriety! He turns 21 in Nov and we are planning a HUGE sober lunch!
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I have a friend who's daughter has epilepsy. From what little I do know, I would definilty not stop any meds w/o the Dr saying so. I would asume if he has had a seziure that he can not drive untill he has been seziure free for 1 yr right? With out the meds he is more apt to have anohter. I would feel confident that the neruologist knows what he is doing and follow his recomendation. Your son could speek to him/her about his concerns. Good luck.
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I think as long as his doctor is aware of his decision and approves, that maybe it isn't such a bad thing to try.

My mother had epilepsy for years after a head injury. When she got older the medication interfered with other medication she needed for a more serious condition, so with the doctor's supervision she stopped the anti-seizure medication and never had another one.

I think it may depend on how severe the seizures are, how frequent, and how risky it could be to have another.

Just my thoughts, but I really think his doctor should be part of the decision.

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no knowledge,just prayers. glad to see you & you are always welcomed back.
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My sister in law is epileptic and he'll know soon enough if he is.

With that being said, xanax can cause severe seizures if you stop taking them after you've taken a large amount. I am sure other pills can as well.

A friend's husbands brother started seizing at work after he had taken a bunch of xanax a couple days before. The withdrawl from xanax is NOTHING to play with.

Prayers out to you and your family (((((Caught)))))
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One of my best friends from high school had a couple of grand mal seizures (one, on the first day she worked alone as the city police dispatch! Egad!).

She was checked and diagnosed and then told about the effects and side effects of the medicine. She opted to not medicate, but did change her diet.

She has been seizure-free for 30 years.

I agree with J-wife... he'll know soon enough. If he is responsible, he will curtail driving or operating machinery for a few months until he is certain.

I wish him the best.
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Well, he has been seizure free for over a year - but most of that time on meds. Having one seizure will not require suspension of a driver's licence in my state, so he never lost that.

The problem with seeing the neurologist is that she insists Heroin doesn't cause seizures, but my research tells me something else.

Thanks for all of your advise and I apologize for all the typos in my post last night! It was late and I spent hrs researching it before I posted.

I guess time will tell, because he won't go back to the dr. I appreciate the welcome back!

Have a blessed week all!
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I had seizures coming off of benzos. Was he on benzos?
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HI CaughtintheMiddle--

Your name wants me to sing "Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right and here I am, stuck in the middle.." I think that too many times I could have sung that song and it could have been an accurate description of my life

Anyway, onto the serious stuff.
I don't have any sort of medical degree or professional knowledge.
I do not have an educated source to quote.

What I do have is a personal experience I'd like to share with you. My brother, at one time, use to drink a lot. He drank a lot, he had a problem. He became ill, started vomiting, could not drink and then he had a grand mal seizure that landed him in the hospital. It's a terrifying experience -for everyone.

It scared him sober.

That was 12+ years ago and he's still sober and never had another seizure. In fact he's doing great.

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A girl I roomed with in college has epilepsy, and all I can really add to this is that I do know that she's not supposed to drink alcohol (which she does anyway). Was he drinking at the time? I would certainly think that the combination of the heroin and something else, such as alcohol, could cause a seizure. I also know that my sister, whose doc is heroin, went to a party one night and used the heroin as well as several other things (alcohol and who knows what else), and she blacked out. I don't know if she had a seizure, but clearly that kind of thing is possible. I'll be praying for him, though... I know that can be scary.

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