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Dear Lo & Lil Thanks.
I was talking to my mom the other day & she has recieved another letter from Joey. In it he told her they dropped the Possession Charge as he told them he had bought the coke for someone else & he had a clean urine ( sounds fishy to me ) He also said they gave him 6 months in the county jail for the other charges, and after that he again will go to wk release.
I was thinking of putting $20 on his account when I get pd next Sat & when I told my mom she said tro make it $30 with the other $10 from her.
I will not give him money for a tv but I feel comfortable with sending 20 or 30 so he can buy a few toiletries or some extra snacks.
I am doing fine. As we have all said before at least when he is in jail I don't worry as much.
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Rozied, I did the same thing when my youngest went back to jail. I sent him a few dollars for the absolute necessities.
Now he's in work release and making his own money.
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Hi Rozied

I read your post and had a little snicker because I remember getting that very same request a few years ago.

Like everyone before me has said, you did the right thing. Never feel guilty about not rewarding him and making his journey easier. Heck with them. It's time they found out what it's like to be locked up with no rights.

However, not to say that in the past I didn't send the packages, money on the books, magazines, books, etc. You name it, I sent it. It was like a vacation for him. All he had to do is read and eat and sleep.

I never did send the money for the TV though. Hmmm? Guess he didn't ask for that or I probably would have done that too.

Nope! From now on, no more Mrs. Nice Guy. From now on, Mrs. Meany!

Oh, right, and by the way, I think it's a good thing not to answer phones when you're not sure what to say. Best to gather up all the answers before you speak.

Hugs, Devastated
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