Parents of A's check in !

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Parents of A's check in !

Haven't seen a few of you around lately, hope that is a good thing! I am doing ok, still going to my overcomers meeting twice a week. AD is still out of state in sober facility as of yesterday. Seems to be doing well, working two 'jobs' and proud of herself. Says she may stay there a year instead of 6 months. Abusive drug dealer/BF finally back in jail for the assault!

Every day I am grateful for another chance to do something right, to help someone who is where I was and to give some hope. Getting to a much better place, slowly but surely!

Prayers and blessing to you all,:praying
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I am glad things are going well for you. It is a good sign that your daughter wants to stay another 6 months.
I am doing well, still haven't heard from my son, but did hear he is clean for a year now. I am happy about that, and I am at peace with it.
Sending you prayers and hugs,
thank you for sharing this with us.
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Susan you are an inspiration
Life is a journey...our own. Your positive influence here is appreciated and encouraging. The best way to have an abundant life to share what we have (thanks for the reminder)
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Another mama checking in and doing great. Sounds like you're doing just fine too, and I love that your daughter is doing so well.

Life is good, rainy days and sunshine.

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I'm here... will post soon about my recent absence.

Both kids are good.

Daughter is clean (as is her husband) - over 2 years, now. They have a little guy 1 year old, with another little guy due to arrive in January.

Son is still out there, but seems to be happy in his life. He checks in with me a lot, and I love him very much.

My recovery friends keep me solid. And I love THEM very much, too.

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Susan, that is fantastic.

Another Mom, checking in. Unfortunately, my AD just relapsed. As I look over the posts today, I'm wondering if it's something in the keep my sense of humor and also my program & SR friends.

Hugs to everyone.
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<----my oldest grandson (he'll be 12 on wednesday) he's one of three (3yr old and 1 yr old grandsons)

AS is going to meetings while using I believe but as someone else reminded me that he's doing what I asked him to do. I'll be better one day.....

better days ahead
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Not much happening here. Just living my life one day at a time. Did hear from the daughter yesterday. I texted her that it was check in time and she responded that she was okay. Wants to see her chihuahua, Petey. Told her to call and let me know when and we will arrange a meeting. Not holding my breath though. Hugs, Marle
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Good to hear about your daughter.

I am doing well. Went on vacation with husband fo first time without kids. Haven't heard from my RAD since her college started. Have been thinking a lot about her as it is her Fall break right now. But I am holding on to my recovery tools.
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Thumbs up.
RAD is just shy of her 6 month mark & her RA fiance is just shy of his 18month mark. I am very greatful. I think my husband has gotton used to things going well. Just last night he asked much longer untill Mikaela celebrates her one year clean. I was like another 6 months. See she had 6 months before & relapsed. He was like are you sure about that? He was dumb founded.
I will say some of the posts I have read about latley having to change locks to the house, lock up valubles, checkbooks change pin #'s ect. I have done all that. But it seems like a lifetime ago. Addiction is in my life by some means almost every day now. Be it a girl I have known since she was 5 who is pregnant & has a boyfriend who is an addict, or one of the friends my kids went to school with ect. But it's there. It's different now. I am stronger. I can listen & not judge. I can suggest reading material & support groups. It's something..about 3 years ago I didn't know much at all about addiction. I didn't really care to eaither. It was something that happened to other families. Now it is so much a part of who I am today. My name is Alicia & my daughter is a herion addict.
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I read around SR frequently, but don't have much time to post. My 30 year old AS was scheduled to start a new full-time construction job today. He has been living with Angels who allowed him to stay at their house 200 miles away hoping that new faces, places and toys would help him break the dope habit. AS says he is clean. Since he is not around and I don't make many phone calls, I don't know. He does on occasion respond to emails.

At times I am able to think about my daughters and their children and a little about work, but too many times thoughts drift to concerns about whether AS will ever make it to the other side long enough to see how brightly the sun can shine.

You are all inspirations to me and to the other parents of addicts who seem to join the group daily. I don't know what I would have done without the words of other SR members. Thanks for being a mouse-click away.

Keeping you all in my prayers. :praying

Is it a codie thing to want to do volunteer work at a shelter/mission that works with addcits in recovery? I think it would provide purpose in my life to be able to teach in that kind of a setting. My experiences have really made me examine my values.

On a side note: it was one year ago this month that my son sat at this table and confessed to being addicted to pain medications. He wanted help, but he had not even come close to his bottom. Dad and I thought we could support him and love him enough to get him to quit; what we did was enable. Here it is three detoxes and one rehab later; we are poorer and wiser.
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Hey Susan, another Mom checking in. Son is still on the suboxone program. Doing well I supposed, but even on that medication, he's not quite himself. Better than he is on drugs though. Has a steady job, although he just got laid off last week and now has to sit on the bench and wait for something else to come along. It's always something. I just started a full time job today. Haven't worked full-time since before I was pregnant with my first child 25 years ago. Wow, time flies. At least it will keep me busy and focusing on other things.
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Susan, It's so great to see the changes in people as they find support, come here, go to meetings, counseling....Sometimes I think we are slower to see it in ourselves than we are in others. You are truly an inspiration to everyone at SR.

This mom is checking in. Living life on life's terms. My daughter went throguh a lot more stuff...none this time of her own making, but she got through it with strength and dignity and grace. She started a good job, is getting herself there on her own...up early walking to the train every day. I've been good...not offering anything. If she needs something she will ask and then I can choose how I will respond. I know doing it on her own is great for her self esteem and sense of accomplishment. Court stuff with the exbf who turned into a total moron because he could not control her by making her stay when she realized it was time to go is done...over, dismissed...and he is out of her life completely. Although she "said" she needed time alone, a guy from NA who was a friend has become more than just a friend. But I can see the difference...They both are busy with their lives, NA and going to school and work, so they aren't totally obsessed with each other. The time they spend together is good quality time. They talk things out...they both have so much program that they understand the need to share feelings and not harbor little hurts that could grow to big resentments. He could probably use a few Naranon meetings (and I've already invited him, lol) since he wants so badly to always be there for his NA friends in early recovery. He's a wonderful sponsor and was touching to hear the things others said about him at his 2nd anniversary.

Although it is always easier to stay in a good place when life is good, I know that I can not be complacent in my own recovery. I use my tools in every aspect of my life...rarely is it about addiction any more. I know my character defects and know I still have a long journey. There are changes that have become second nature and ones that I still need to be mindful easy it is to revert to some old way of thinking or reacting. Coming here, going to meetings, meditating, practicing healthy habits and daily readings help keep me grounded and connected with my HP. I will always miss my Kristen, but I know that I can go on and I can become a better person. I know that she would be proud that her mom is trying.

Hugs and prayers for all the moms and all our kids...and everyone here at SR.

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I'm another Mom of an addict son. He is in jail now and has been for a few months. He's been sentenced to shock probation for 90 to 120 days in prison, but if he gets into any trouble at all, he'll have to serve the full 10 years that he was originally sentenced to. If he does everything that he's supposed to while there, the judge will send him home with 10 years probation and a $1500.00 fine. I don't want my son to be in jail and especially not in prison, but if that will make him reach his bottom any quicker, then I'm for it. I'm praying and hoping for the best for him and for us, his family.

Susan, I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is doing so well and that she's willing to stay there for another six months. That may be what makes the long term difference. I surely hope so.

(((((((((((((((((Loving & Understanding Hugs for all of the parents here)))))))))))))))
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another mom checking in. Wow there are a lot of us so far. My AS is in another state. He was recently arrested for transporting Marijuana but it looks like he will probably get off. He wasn't the driver. I agree with many of you, i think the fear of jail was giving him a bit of reality and now that looks like its over, so he's back to not caring about trouble. He is an addict but his drug of choice right now is pot. Many people think its not so bad, but they haven't seen the complete change in my son. Doesn't want to do much but hang around, flopping at a friends house, no job and doesn't think beyond the day. And he believes he cannot live a day without smoking it.
I am learning slowly that its his problem, not mine. I have my own and i am working on them.
Its so nice to have all of you here. SR has given me a place where I feel understood. I have also found a home at Al-Anon meetings and am thinking it might be time to look for a sponsor.
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Another Mom here. I don't hear much from my son who moved 100 miles away... normally he checks in pretty regularly and calls ME when he's in a good place. He tends to not call when he's not in a good place. His DOC is pot, and I can really tell the effect it has on him. He has managed to keep a job, pay his bills and meet his other obligations. He's sharing an apartment with his girlfirend, and they have been able to buy some nice things for their apt. I think he's still out there doing research, who knows.

I call him to tell him that I love him.... and I pray that God will put the right people in his life. That's about all I can do.

It could be things are just fine... but that mom radar is going off a bit.

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Hi Susan,
Just checking in. Glad to hear things are going well for you and Kasey. That is really encouraging that she wants to stay an extra 6 months. I am especially glad that the XABF went to jail for the assault.

Things are going pretty well in my corner of the world. Jen is doing well. She is respectful and willing to help me with things when I ask, even when I don't ask. She takes walks for exercise, works and is working at keeping her life in order. She gave up all of the old friends and bf,s. She talks about going back to school. I still take one day at a time and keep myself grounded.
I started back to line dance classes and also joined Curves ( womens fitness center).
I've been getting back into the loop with my friends and we've been going out line dancing and having fun. It feels good not to isolate myself so much anymore.

I must admit my faith has wavered ......I am trying to work on that too.
I love SR and all that all of you have done for me. SR has been my blessing.

Love you Susan............Lois
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Here's another mom! I have been so busy with life that I just don't have any additional time to spare. (Isn't that nice?!)

As soon as I am finished with this college course French class, I need to take some much-needed time off from studying. This ol' brain is getting too much of a work-out.

Things with AD are going well; Mr. M and I are both doing very well looking past the problems and concentrating on the granddaughter and trying to keep AD believing in herself. We see her only as much as we can handle and when she gets in her "moods", we are very politely "busy"! It helps maintain our sanity. But our expectations are realistic and that helps immensely.

But I thank G*d for small things.

So, I am alive and well and glad to see that others are too. Thanks for starting this thread.

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i am still here, mom of an addict son. glad your daughter is doing good. thanks for posting.hugs,
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im here

im here too, grateful to be, and i hope to make it to a meeting tonight
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