Parents of A's check in !

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Another Mom checking in.
Not sure where my son is in regards to his choices.
He still likes his beer, but my daughter tells me he's been spending a good bit of his time helping on a local farm, so life's not all bad.
We haven't had a lot of interaction lately... he avoids me when he thinks I'm mad at him.
I'm not angry at all, just a little detached, but thats something I couldn't explain to him (he wouldn't have a clue).
As far as me...I've realized I am struggling with a bit of an empty nest syndrome, but I'm working on that. I think I've been feeling a little disregarded.
Had I not spent time here, I would certainly have wallowed a lot longer
So...I didn't raise a rocket scientist, or a senator, or a doctor...bummer.
But my youngest is a volunteer fireman, an honest commitment, don't ya think?
Thanks for the shout out!
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How nice to see all of you that have positive information. I am so happy for all of you.
My addict daughter is living with friends and looking for an apartment to share with someone form her last detox. She stopped by to walk her dog and use our computer.
I don't know if she is using or not.
I have been going to Al Anon meetings and it is helping me, I sleep better, I am not half awake listening for her to roll in at anytime of the night or morning. She will find her way.
glad to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel
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hi moms! my daughter is having good days and not so good days. we're in a limbo place.

nice to hear from all of you!

hugs, k

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Hey Parents of A's,
Another one here - to be honest, I don't have the faintest idea of what is going on with our daughter - one minute can be great & the next can be "drama" filled with the same things probably ya'll go thru - slurred speech, disappearings, beatings from the boyfriend, blah, blah, blah - quack quack quack . . .

A positive note tho - I did get to babysit the new baby, Jace this weekend - He is 2 months old & a precious little piece of heaven - He liked staying at his "ReeRee's house" - he told me - lol!!!

So today I'll be grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time with him & give the rest over to God - His shoulders are bigger than mine - I'll let Him carry that!!

Prayers for Serenity & Joy for each of you, prayers for sobriety & recovery for our loved ones,
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Another mom checking in....

Youngest son doing pretty well, after being released after spending 3 months in jail.
He is sober,(not working a program) and working, and living with his GF. Would like to go back to college, but wouldn't be able to get a job upon graduating with a felony drug we're hoping the law changes that you can expunge NON violent felonies. It's supposedly in congress or somewhere right now.

Oldest son is most likely returning to prison. He is semi-sober, (he says he's sober HA) but using weed, and to me that sure ain't sober. He's also NOT working a program, and somehow, got mixed up in this latest caper...don't know what it is...(I didn't ask...thank you .P.) Goes to court Nov. 2nd, I think.

Me...I'm super, tyvm!
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Hi, my AS has supposedly been clean for a few months now. He did move out and in with a friend of his and the rent is getting paid and they have a phone and cable, so I have to imagine he's not spending all of his money on drugs...he doesn't make much.
He actually took his Certification test to be an X-ray tech and passed! So he is now in the position where he can eventually find a really good paying job, but hasn't shown much motivation to do that. That is part of his personality though...sure it was worse when he was using, but he's never been a gung ho kinda person...

So for today, things are good...pray every minute of the day that they stay that way..
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Oldest son about to go into a great half way house. He's been doing well lately and this will help him stay that way.
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hello and support to all the dads too...
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What a great meeting here. I love the refresher. I am frustrated. Insurance company called today and left a message for me to call them. Seems the damage my son did to another car is bigger than he admitted too. Of course he said there was no damage. He is lucky other party did not re
He hasn't found a job His only coping device is to return to the comfort of alcohol. It is truly sad to witness.
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Hurtbad...............GO STEELERS. I live in Steeler country.

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One very tired mom checking in and though theres a lot to say I'll keep it short. I'm glad for all of the parents here who help each other to stay partly sane with all the insanity and chaos in our lives.
AD is doing well and has 120 days clean time and has now returned to meetings thanks to having a car again. Her abf who had been staying here for a couple weeks turned himself in yesterday for violation of parole and no I didn't know about that. He wanted to go and get it all over with and he sat down with me and explained the whole sorry mess, which is too long to go into now.
Right now ad is not in a great place as she misses him and they were very good for each other. Her ex sponsor from her home group announced today that she has breast cancer and is having a mastectomy soon, also two days ago one of her classmates from HS died, and the reason is still not known, but drugs don't enter into it. And that is a lot to have dumped on her in just two days. I hope that she can get through this without having any major problems.
Any extra prayers would be greatly appreciated.........
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