I am MAD !

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Or However You Spell It....
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Originally Posted by nevergivingup View Post
I say kick him!
That would have been my way of solving the whole issue
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Kill em with Kindness.

This too shall pass.

Just for today, ........every thing's gonna be alright.
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Power is not having to respond
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Was it a coworker? Boy, I have had a few of those mad spells at work, but I can not let anyone see me like that. Usually I skip outside and blow it off.
It just isn't worth my sanity to stay that way too long.
It will go away in a few minutes and then I can think about a solution.
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Kicking, screaming, throwing a fit, the steel toed bunny slippers, the good ole' skillet to the head/mouth or? all sound like excellent ideas. Yrs. ago my fantastic boss knew when I was "having a bad day" with clients or underwriters. He would bring out the bubblewrap, put my chair on it and let me just roll back and forth-usually worked. If all of the above did not get it all out-off we would go to a Greek place and have a big bottle of Roditis(sp. wrong). That would always work!!!!
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i remember when i was in college, there was a local Buddhist monastery that made the news. the buddhist monks spent 3 months working non-stop on a piece of art, made of tiny pieces of colored sand. all that hard effort paid off and out came a one of a kind, beautiful piece of art.

they took it to a river, and dumped the entire artwork in the water. why? because they wanted to practice their belief of "letting go".

you could hold onto that anger, let it build, or as some others have suggested, vent it in a safe way. Or, you could just let it go.
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[QUOTE=I have toilet paper on my shoe.QUOTE]

Oh my...I didn't see the toilet paper on your shoe or I would have told ya to put them on both makes you a little more fashionable!! You are so sweet and too funny!

I hope today is a better day for you...and...beleive me...if you want to lay on the floor in Walmart and throw a temper me..I will be right there with ya!! Although...could you throw your fit at a restrauant...because..after throwing a fit..i usually get hungry!! <<<HUGS>>>
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How ya doing today?

Hope you are feeling a little less like beating the heck out of someone else & more like doing something great for YOU!!!!!!

Wishing you Serenity & Joy,
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I am a bit better today. Coming here and sharing, talking it out with a few recovery friends helped. I feel good about that because I DON'T have one of those emotional hangovers I used to get - where I had cried and and weeped and wailed until my entire body was used up and spent...

Today I am attempting to "get my ducks in a row" and figure out how to calmly discuss a situation with the object of my ire. I need to be HEARD. And if that doesn't work, I MIGHT let loose a stray steel toed bunny slipper nudge...
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glad things are better!!

Sometimes to be able to "speak calmly" to the other persons in my life about those upsetting situations can be very challenging for me - whether it changes the outcome or not - I usually feel better after I have done that - just because I have taken up for the "little Rita" inside of me.

Take care of you, cats.

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On a tear
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Wall-eyed hissy fit.

Dang.... that IS good. Makes me want to have one - just to see if I can do it right. Ha!
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