parent group?

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parent group?

Is there a forum here specifically for parents of addicts?
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hello, running - no, there is not a forum just for parents. but there are a lot of us here. i'm k, and my 23 year old daughter is an alcoholic/addict.

you'll get to know us, we're here!

blessings, k
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Welcome, My addict is my 21 year old daughter. Stick around and share with us. Great group of people here. Hugs, Marle
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Hi, I'm the mother of 2 addict sons...

One sober
One NOT.
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Step mom of heroin/crack/methadone stepson and alcoholic/heroin/cocaine daughter in-law here. We have custody of their 3 yr old. Neither doing well. One is just smarter at hiding it then the other.


"Nothing changes if nothing changes."
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Hi and welcome! You are in the right place. I'm Susan, 23 AD.

hope to see ya back!
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hi and welcome, my 22 yr old son is a hopefully recovering heroin addict but relapses seem to be part of OUR life.
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Arent' we all? lol

Hi and welcome to sr. I'm Linda and my addict is my 25 yo son.
This is a great place. Friends and Family of substance abusers? All of us.
Addiction is an epidemic nowadays. Getting support is everywhere. Our addicts
just have to want to get clean and sober and until they are ready, we're here, in alanon and naranon meetings, in coda meetings. One place or another to get the support and relief of loving an addict.
Stick around and read. There's lots of us here to talk with.
Sending you hugs and prayers out this afternoon,
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Welcome to this great place. You will find a lot of support and understanding here. I am a mother of a 21 yo addict. I too am praying he is sober at this time, he lives with his dad and will not speak to me for a lot of reasons. Some mine some his.
You will find a lot of parents are on here and will answer any question you have.
Keep coming back and posting, and try to go to face to face meetings they do help.
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Hi, welcome to SR!!! Another mom of an addict here. My daughter 30, is the addict in my family. I'm currently raising her 12 year old son. We are taking baby steps to recovery. Her from heroin. Me from her, and actually nicotine right

More will be along shortly....but pull up a chair and stay awhile. Lots of good support and info here
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Just put out the call here and moms show up to support, advise, and share ESH
This is not a group we ever thought we'd be a part of, but now that we are we have come to know some very amazing women. Let us get to know you better.
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welcome to S.R. i am hope & my addict is my son. we r all here for you. lots of support here for parents & alot of info.keep coming back.prayers,
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Welcome, another mom here. My 21 yr old daughter is a recovering heroin addict. She has 5 months clean right now & is doing pretty darn good. Everyone here is so helpful even in the darkest of days. Hope you stick around.
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Welcome. Another mom of a 22 year old recovering addict son. He just relapsed a week ago after 4 months clean, but is giving it another try. Lots of us here. You will find great support and great people and parents here.
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Hi and welcome!!!
Mother of 21 year old daughter 100 days clean from heroin.
In a way you could call us a group, holding cyber hands thru good times and bad.
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