AD in detox

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Hang in there
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you are such a good mom. i'm crying now. stay strong when she gets out. that's the best thing you can do for her and yourself. big hugs. actions speak louder than words so i hope she follows through with recovery. my sons father is on them again. i never should have let him come back here. now he's gone and his son is crushed. this was not his time. but maybe it's your daughters.
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Susan -
I think you did an AWESOME job at supporting Kasey and still taking care of you. I'm glad she's calling and is aware that being sick is something she brought on herself.

You are a terrific mom and what you are doing is the best you can do for Kasey. I hope this is when she "gets it" but it sounds like she's at least willing to try. Some of us addicts have to keep trying 'til we get it right but the fact that she IS trying is a step in the right direction.

Hugs and prayers to you and Kasey!
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WOW!!!!! What a night! I'll certainly say a prayer for you.
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afternoon update

Detective from the violence section just called. They are going to press charges and are going to talk to Kasey at the detox tomorrow. He also is going to help her get a protective order. He said then if he calls, comes near or anything, he is digging his own self in deeper.

Detective says it says the reason for release yesterday is "other"!!! I didn't know what that meant but said he would find out. He is coming by my work tomorrow to pick up copies of the ER reports. Maybe, prayerfully, some of this will stop.

I feel for her, I know she is scared and made at herself. She is terrified to testify, but says she will. I hope she stands her ground tomorrow. Maybe since she is in a safe place and they are police, she will be OK. I know I can't be w/ her, but wish I could. Kinda feels funny not to be mad at her. I am usually so good at it, but not today.
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Take a little comfort in the fact that she is safe and not with him. She is being taken care of.
I hope you get some much needed rest.

I continue to pray for you and her.

Much love.........Lois
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