?? Addiction and sugar ??

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Question ?? Addiction and sugar ??

I was reading another book on mothers and AD and it was mentioned, again, that only an addict would counsume so much sugar. Like making syrup out of coffee, etc. As I thought back, my AD did that several times. Eating everything sweet, constantly, blow-pops, tootsie rolls, syrup coffee and tea etc.

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It seems like a lot of addicts and alcoholics will crave sugar when they don't have their doc. I googled and came up with this...

(an excerpt) "Sugar addiction has long been joked about. Most researchers, however, believed you could not get hooked on sweets and lose control over consuming them, as if they were drugs. Now studies compiled over the years are making some scientists revisit the idea. The results do not indicate that donuts are in the same category as addictive drugs like heroin, alcohol or nicotine. They do suggest that some brain actions and characteristics associated with the intake of sweets and drug addiction may overlap."
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ha :D

my exabf wouldn't even touch sugar if he was clean!!! he was watching his figure. it was always sweet'n'low. he started sweets... OMG! i thought i had the worst sweet tooth. he would eat a gallon of ice cream at once. 2 boxes of oreos double stuff. not the cookies thou - just the white filling. i bet he gets none of that in jail now hahaha
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I noticed that my AD ate a lot of sweets when she was using. She told me the cravings went hand in hand. She never ate sweets like that before her opiate addiction. She ended up with a lot of cavities from all of the candy, etc.
Now she hardly ever eats sweets. Every once in a while she needs a piece of chocolate, especially around her PMS time.
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My daughter always went for the starches. She was not a candy eater even as a child. I loved going trick or treating with her because I knew she would give me all the chocolate. Can you imagine a woman not liking chocolate Hugs, Marle
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My exabf stopped drinking after 15 years straight and wanted candy, ice cream, and that energy Monster (complete sugar) drink all the time. He wondered where the urges came from as he never had a sweet tooth. I didn't realize till i came here it seems common after quitting.
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I know alchoholics who quit crave sugar. Theres so much in the liquor their bodies miss it. Pres Bush wrote in his book that when he quit he craved sugar.
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When my daughter was in very early recovery she craved sweets so bad. We went through so many boxes of "Little Debbies" it was crazy. I would buy as many boxes as I could if it were to help her kick the addiction cravings.
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I guess it's because consuming sugar does make you feel different, and an addict will do anything to feel something other that straight.
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Originally Posted by marle View Post
My daughter always went for the starches.
Highly refined carbs matubulize into sugar real fast in the body, too, so it's kind of like eating sugar....
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My ex was addicted to crack and when he was without it, he also craved sugar......eating ice cream like crazy. I think it has something to do with the drugs altering the bodies blood sugar level. I know I'm not saying it correctly, but maybe someone else can explain it better.
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Wow! I though my AAH was just being compulsive. Once he starts on the sugar he goes till it's all gone. A big box of freezies once...there was 50g of sugar per freezie and he ate 75 of them in one day. Now I bake and try to use splenda so it's not so much, or angel food cakes. I make a batch of cookies or a cake almost every day. I never realized he was replacing.
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wow, I can't believe I never noticed this. I knew it was out of character but wow he really devoured everything in my kitchen....breads and cookies - chips...chocolate...lotssss of ice cream.
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Yep, ice cream and popsicles, chocolate bars...then more ice cream.
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It Is Believed That Sugar Is Craved Because It Has The Same Effect As Morphine When Heroin Breaks Down- So The End Of The Day Or Middle Of Night Addict May Be Searching Subconciously But Physically For Refined Sugar To Be Exact. Abf Still On Methadone And Craves Sugar Like A Maniac, Ud Swear Little Debbie Is His Mistress- All In The Midddle Of The Night And All.
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is that why i had to have a Mickie D's ice cream cone today, right before my workout?!! BTW I never eat sweets, so that was really unusual... but it was sooo good! lol
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