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Thank you for starting this! I needed it today.


Your story cracked me up! Good for you, especially when it comes to serious things such as that, the best "medicine" I have always felt was laughter. I will keep "laughing" for you until you get all of your results!!
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Living in the light
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My alcoholic stepfather had a wicked sense of humor. He'd say, when I die I want to be cremated so my alcohol infused body can blow the crematorium sky high.
When I first heard that I thought how sad. But then I just had to roar with laughter with him at the crazy, hilarious absurdity of it.
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Anvilhead - love the story of your mother's funeral. My mom's was similar BUT the 2 things she hated to wear in life were #1 - bra (she said she didn't have anything to hold up anyway) and #2 - shoes (said if God had meant for her to wear shoes, she'd have been born with them). A dear friend (Ruth) died years b4 mom and mom had always said that when she acted up she could feel Ruth "whopping me upside the head with her cane".

So, when we buried mom, I sent her off with NO bra and No shoes - I didn't want her to find Ruth's cane and whack me!

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They just opened a drug screening place near us, in a little strip mall between the laundromat and the thrift store.

It is called, and I kid you not: Wiz Quiz.

I laugh hysterically every time I drive by. My husband takes issue with the fact that they should've spelled it "Whizz." Who said drug use can't be funny.
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To all interested,

There is a place for funnies here at SR, it is on the forums page.

Other groups and forums
Recovery Follies

Funnies and one liners....

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