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Hello everyone, I haven't been on in awhile so much has happened. ABF has had many relapses since my last post a few months ago. I was going through my own pain. Shortly after he went on his last mission I found out that I was pregnant then found out I was pregnant with twins. I had to make a decision that was going to affect me for the rest of my life. Doing that made me realize just how powerless I am over his addiction and only have the power of my own choices. This past year of my life has been the hardest yet but I want to let everyone out there know that it does get better in time. If I was asked a few months ago how I felt about meeting my ABF I would of had nothing nice to say, I allowed his addiction to take full control of my life.Meeting him has allowed me to learn so much about myself. I was driving myself crazy, but once I let go and started focusing on the things that were important in my life, my life started getting better. The hardest thing I ever did was walk away. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I just want everyone to know that all of you are in my prayers and I hope that things get better for everyone that is going through something this sad. ABF is living in a recovery house and almost finished his first step. Today he is doing great.
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(( nicole ))

It's good to hear from you. We always love it when one of ours who has gone away for awhile checks back in with us.

You've been thru a lot this past year, but it seems you've done some good ground work in your recovery. You've learned to take care of yourself, and to set and maintain boundaries.

HUGS, glad you popped in!

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Nicole...You sound good and strong in recovery and self knowledge. I wish young folks didn't have to go through this kind of pain, but at the same time, you have wonderful recovery tools now that will help you throughout your life. Hugs and prayers as you keep moving forward.
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