A little dilemma-need some help from my friends

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Hi Marle,
I'm new here to these forums, and I cannot say I've been in your shoes. I have a sister who is a recovering Heroin addict (5 years clean), an Xhb in recovery (15 mos) and a b/f with 7+years (I'm just a magnet I guess)
I could NEVER imagine this with my two girls..
One thing however I have learned is that I don't have to think about tomorrow right now. I have today. Today you make your decision for today. When the day comes that she wants to see you, make your decision then. Don't try and think too far ahead. Time has a way of healing things and putting them in prosepective. There is a reason they say One day at a time.
God Bless.
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You have been a blessing to me with dealing with your daughter. I saw my daughter for the first time in 6 months not too long ago. I said a huge prayer before I saw her and I KNOW that God directed me through that whole meeting. I expected nothing going in to meet her.I think that helped me. Still, as her husband is yelling in my face, I remained calm and concentrated soley on my daughter. That was God's doing, not mine. It was good to see my daughter, and she did tell me "thank-you" when I left. That meant the world to me.
I think your heart wants to see her. IMHO, I think you should go without any expectations, (I think you helped teach that to me!! lol).
I think your HP will guide you through this. I think it is great that she wants to touch base with you.
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marle, what a wonderful mother you are. I only wish I had a mom like you when I was that young.
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I am going to take all of your suggestions and just let God walk me through this. I will make sure that if I do see her that my toolbox is loaded with lots of Ohs and uh huhs Thanks and hugs, Marle
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(((Marle))) Listen to your HP & listen to your gut. If it is ment to be, it will happen. If not, then now is not the time. You have come so far in your recovey keep up the good work. I am keeping Megan in my prayers as always.
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