In Honor of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001

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In Honor of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001

The Heroes of Our Hearts

"In Honor of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001"

By: Norma W. Beaird, Copyright 2004
[email protected]

It seems like only yesterday, we saw the towers fall,
And men and women just like us had died and left us all.

Fathers, mothers, sisters, friends and brothers were the ones,
A passenger, policeman, and a fireman or a son.

These precious souls have lost their lives; this country's not the same,
And we have not forgotten, for America's our name.

The senseless act of violence that we suffered on that day,
May bruise our land and crush our hearts, but we've sustained our faith.

The magnitude of hate for us was wrought in wicked deeds,
They took the lives because they know we're wealthy, blessed and free.

And yes, because we're free today, we're hated and despised,
So much that evil, heathen men have taken many lives.

But even in their lame attempt to bring our country down,
They failed the day they landed on this brave and sacred ground.

No matter who may try to come and pierce us with their swords,
One day we know they'll answer to the judgment of the Lord.

Now carry on America, the Lord has seen your wound,
The ones who caused us pain that day have met their day of doom.

For satan's turning up the flames upon these evil men,
It must be hot for those who live in hell's eternal den .

So I will rest and know that we'll prevail in freedom's job,
As long as we're America, one nation under God.

And as we honor God today, let's honor those who died,
On September 11th - that's the day our nation cried.

This eagle may have shed a tear but proudly she will land,
Upon the ground protected by God's strong and loving hand.

And as she flies, our hearts will soar with pride for I will know,
The torch of Liberty will shine no matter where I go.

For as the towers fell that day and planes began to fall,
And as they hit the Pentagon, those men attacked us all.

But those who love America will fight and they will stand,
For peace and freedom rules this vast and treasured, sacred land.

So, Lord please help us all today, the families and the friends,
Who miss the ones who've gone before, because of evil men.

And grant us peace and let us know that even in attack,
Because of who we are, You'll grant us strength in fighting back.

The ones who died that day will be forever on our minds,
Let's pause in prayer for those they left, that peace in life they'll find.

Just know the ones who met their death are as the Heaven's stars,
They'll shine the light of freedom; they're the heroes of our hearts
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I will never forget that day.. where I was and how I received the news (I was surveying a road project).

I will never forget the images over and over on the TV and finally just shutting it all off.

I will never understand human violence against other humans on the scale and magnitude humans seem so capable of.
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I will never forget that day... it disturbs me that there is not ONE memorial event being planned in my area for today. Last year we had a display of 3000+ flags - the Healing Fields.

I will say a prayer today for the men and women and children who died. I will give thanks for the men and women who serve in our armed forces to keep us free.

Thanks for posting the poem, Jen.

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I am originally from NJ now living in Mass. Every day this day is so hard for me still. I remember being at college and them sending us all home. I went home to my roommate whose brother worked in tower 1. We didn't have TV at our apartment. Nothing broke me more than having to go back knowing I had to tell her.

May God bless all the families who lost someone, who feel the pain of 9/11 and KAD's family especially.

Never forget!
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I remember too. I was in college and they were debating on sending us home because Charlotte is one of the biggest banking centers in the nation. None of us could believe it.

Fortunately we are having many memorials

We will never forget.....prayers to the families and friends of the ones who lost their lives.
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I am very sorry for the loss of all these innocent lives.
My deepest sympathies to all the families.
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I remember. I was working a 3 week contract at the Toronto Sun, a major newspaper in that city, and suddenly a large group of reporters went running down the hall to the media room and I knew something big was happening. The publisher was getting on the elevator with me and asked me to come to his office where he had a TV and a small group gathered there with us and we watched in surreal silence as events unfolded.

I remember the horror I felt, I remember someone saying "the world will never be the same, this will mean war." I remember tears falling silently down my face, then sobs as the reality struck me.

Each year, let us all remember with prayer those who gave their lives and those who loved them. Let us remember the heroes and the precious gift of freedom.

A prayer that was special that day is still special to each of us today...

Lord, take me where You want me to go;
Let me meet who You want me to meet;
Tell me what You want me to say; and
Keep me out of your way.

father mychal judge - FDNY - died 9/11/01

This is a link to the names of those who died that day. If you click on any name, you can read a little about the person, and for me it helped me put a face on those who were lost and reminds me that they were just going about their day, just as we all do, when this terrible tragedy happened.
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I also remember this day as if it was today, 9/11 is hard on me extremely thankfully I did not lose anyone but I do know people who made it of the towers. I will always remember watching the tv of all the horror, trying to contact my boyfriend at the time cause he worked in manhattan and all the while hearing the sirens of the fire trucks going down my block to head to the WTC. Everytime I hear a fire trucks sirens it throws me back to 9/11.

I pray for all the ones who lost their lives from this horrific day, all to who lost a loved one on this day and to everyone who still suffers from what happened on 9/11.

NYC has never been the same for me... everytime I go on the train or go to the city I remember and live with a fear and knowlegde that an attack can happen at any moment. I also get mad at myself that I feel that because thats what they want us to feel.

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Prayers to the all the families and the rescuers who tryed to help. thanks
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I remember that day the shock and disbelief
and they replay the news casts from the event it unfolded that day................still shock and sad and senseless the loss of life
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I remember my young teens being so scared and looking to me for reassurance... and how I just pretended that things were going to be ok.

Then I sent them to school. Son called half-way there to say he heard the other tower fell... but I told him to go anyway.

Today, I would keep them home... next to me.

Prayers to the families.... ((((...)))))
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I do remember...forever and always...

I too remember where I was but didn't get the news until I walked into the office. Once in the office, my boss and I stood back watching the TV in total shock and disbelief. I pray for the ones who lost their life, for the ones who lost their loved ones and for the ones who are still involved in the war on protecting us. I do this on a daily basis because I don't feel these people only deserve one day of prayer they deserve 365 days of prayer. God bless everyone.

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Prayers out to all the families and loved ones that lost someone. Prayers for the brave men and women who gave their life to save others, Prayers for those left behind with grief, for the children that lost mothers and fathers. Especially for those children who lost fathers they will never know and live only to read about how brave they were.

God Bless us all,
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For 5 years now (started in 02) there has been a bike run from Boston to Ground Zero.
I have gone twice. We start from the Boston area with a prayer and once in NY we gather for a short prayer at Ground Zero. On 9/8/07 they did this year's run and they are already planning next year's run. We will not forget and prayers will continue.
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I know I will never forget the day or those I knew and the many I did not know who died or were injured in the attacks on the towers, the Pentagon and the planes. The outpouring of love and support during such a terrible time reaffirms my belief that the world is a good place and most people, when given a choice, would choose goodness.

Prayers for those who lost their lives, their families and loved ones and for all those who are still plagued by injury and disease because of this event. Prayers that those who orchestrate such inhumanity will come to the understanding that nothing is gained and much is lost when we do not live in peace accepting each others diversity.
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