Wish I could capture the post & PM from yesterday!

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Wish I could capture the post & PM from yesterday!

Not that it would help today. AH came over-darn I* opened the door -thinking it was the"exterminaor" wrong-AH. He talked, I listened-he cried like a baby-I listened-even believed he was serious for a short time. NOT!!!!! Guess it must be he got busted-a "roach" in the ashtray? I don't believe it for a second... Says he has 3 wks. until he sees the parole officer(true) A new game? He did admit he needed and wanted help-that lasted for a whole hr. Hel, I am even fed up with me!!!!!
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((( MR )))

Gads I remember those days. (Some of them weren't all that long ago.) Begging, crying, pleading, promising. Sometimes it was him, and other times it was me!

I finally learned that nothing changes if nothing changes. I also learned that I could have a full and rich life working my own program of recovery whether or not he chose one for himself.

And finally, I learned to look thru the peep hole before I opened the door!

BIG hugs

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((((Momsrainbow)))) Our addiction is nearly as difficult to "kick" as theirs.

I started thinking of my relationship with my addict and started trying to do the things I was expecting of them -

Go to meetings ... a lot of meetings
Get a sponsor
Read the literature
Work the steps

My recovery depends on these things. (((hugs)))
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