Step after step

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Step after step

Step after step

How many small opportunities do you routinely ignore because
you're waiting, wishing, searching and hoping for a big
opportunity? That big opportunity may or may not ever
arrive, yet all the while those small opportunities are
there for the taking.

Every moment is an opportunity to create a little bit of
value. Although the progress you can make in a single moment
may not seem like much, those small moments can add up over
time to big achievements.

Take one small step and it hardly seems like you've gone
anywhere at all. Yet when you continue taking step after
step, you can get anywhere you choose to go.

The most reliable path to success is a simple one that
anyone who chooses to do so can follow. Dream big dreams and
take small steps, one after another after another until
you're there.

If you attempt to leap to the top of the mountain in a
single effort, you will almost certainly fail. Yet make the
commitment to reach the summit step by step, and you will
surely get yourself there.

Right this moment there are dozens of small opportunities
just waiting for you to seize. Create a little value here, a
little value there, again and again, and there's no limit to
where you can go.

Ralph Marston

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thanks for the post. i also believe there are people can not enjoy what they have for wanting more or bigger. lttle things mean a lot to me.
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Too often we overlook the gift right in front of us because it's not what we had our eyes set on. I've found that these small gifts are often the best in life and all I have to do is notice when they arrive.

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It reminds me of what Mary Kay Ash said,
You can eat an elephant. One bite at a time.
Thanks for this post. It is refreshing.
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