Not doing good

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Not doing good

Hey guys. Not foing to good here. Friday we went to the doctor to have that spinal injection done on my husband. The procedure did not take long at all. We went home and he did what he was supposed to do which was lay in the bed for the day and as much as he could over the weekend. He did just that. He slept so much this weekend it wasnt funny. Every time he got up though he hurt miserably. Worse than before he had the procedure. Well, we gave it until Saturday afternoon and he was still huurting so we called the nurses line that was on the piecec of paper they sent home with us. I called 2 times and left messages and never got a reply. Well he held out until Monday morning and to avoid a trip to the ER we just went first thing to the office where it was done. They took his BP which was high. Its always high. His temp was 99.4 and the usual numbness in his legs was worse since Friday so they did a test on his leg with a needle. The doctor poked him so hard he bled but did not feel a thing. So the doctor thought the cathedar he used in the procedure Friday might have caused an abcess, so they sent us for an MRI. Well, hubby is too big for their MRI machine, so they sent us down the road for a open MRI. As of right now I am still waiting on results. Problem is now my husband is hurting so bad that even 2 of the percoset he has been taking is not helping anymore. He knows and says that he is taking too much medicine. I am so lost right now I dont know what to do.

The doctor said that he might just be having trauma pain from the procecdure itself, and he might have to give it a few more days. But then he said if the injection madee it worse that there is nothing more he can do to help us. Did not offer to send us in a different direction or anything. We dont go to the pain clinic until like a month from now, so....

I am just so lost. I am the one talking to the doctors about his pills and I am the one who calls for refills and picks up meds and stuff so he is not tempted to do the wrong thing, but I feel like if I tell them that the percocet is not even working anymore then they will think that I am just trying to get my husband more dope.

I am just so sick of the back problems and the addiction too. I dont know what to do anymore. I dont know where to go for help. My husband says that if he could get relief from the pain he would go to rehab. I understand his want for the pain to go away, but what if we cant find anyone to help with his back? Am I stuck in the land of addiction?

I went to my meeting Friday night. At Celebrate Recovery we have an hour of worship\testimony then go to our small groups. We had a guest speaker from a place called Safe Harbor. It was really wonderful.

I cried from the time I got there at 7:00 to the time I left at 9:30.
All I seem to be able to do these days is cry, sleep, eat, smoke too many cigarettes then cry some more. I am working but my mind is never on work anymore.

I am trying to keep faith, but after so long it gets really hard.

Sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading.
Open to any suggestionsor advice.
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I'm sorry ((((Wendy)))
I have no advice...but to let you know that you are important too.
I wish I could offer more
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I would get him into a pain mangement doctor. They have experience with these types of patients/problems.
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I would hate to give the wrong advice or to sound judgemental but you mentioned he is "too big for the MRI" and it leaves me wondering if he has a weight problem (and please understand that I also know people can be jhust oo big for the tube and be normal weight).

I know from my own experience that weight can contribute to back problems and blood pressure (tho there are many people who have both that do not have any issues with weight).

Please do not take this as a judgement or as a statement of fact. I am just trying to suggest a path which might help.
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I don't have any advice to offer. I don't have any experience with any of this. I just want to send you a hug and a prayer. Hang in there sweetie. Don't give up faith yet. Love you!
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the girl can't help it
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I am so sorry to read about your difficulties. It sounds like your H needs more help than he is getting. Sometimes it seems like the word care has been passed over in the health care system.
I am sending you a PM.
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I have no knowledge to share, but am sending a bucket of hugs for you, Wendy.

Don't be too hard on yourself, you are on overload and need a break.

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Elana, you are right. He is overweight. I know it and he knows it. We have had the discussion several times about his eating habits and the fact that if he would try to lose some weight it might help his back. But the problem with that is, I think food is an addiction to both of us just as much as his pills are to him, so trying to get him to eat right is a waste considering I cant even do that myself. I dont know how to get around that one.
Thanks for your inout though.

Kris, I love you too!

Splendra, thanks!

Anvil, you are right about it being his health problems, but with the pill addiction aside he really does have legitimate back problems that he has asked me to help him find a doctor to work on his back. If I was in pain and I asked for his help I would hope he would do the same for me. He hears everything the doctor says and everything, I just deal with the prescription end of things. I do appreciate your input though. Right now I need all I can get.
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Well, I just spoke with the doctors office. There is no abcess, just small bulging disc in that area. So the doctor said give it a few more days for the trauma of the procedure to wear off. If it doesnt then they cant help us anymore. If it does ease up then I guess we go back to him for more injections.

I am so ready to give up. If it were not for my son, I dont think I would be here right now anymore.
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the girl can't help it
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I can so relate to how you feel. My H has chronic pain too. He of course prescribes crack for himself and refuses to go to the doctor. His excuse is he has no money which is somewhat understandable cause lets face it if you don't have good insurance or big bucks the quality of care goes way down...
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Oh, Anvil you made me laugh. I wish I really could say "it sucks to be you" and run off to bingo. Thank you for making me laugh. I can just see the lost look on his face if I actually did that! He knows he has a weight problem as well as the pill problem, just doesn't want to stop bad enough yet I guess. Thanks!

Splendra, Our insurance is not worth a crap. For the injection he had Friday we are going to get a bill for 250 bucks. That was our co-pay. Not even the hospital bill. The pain clinic we have an appt for, we have to have 205 dollars before we can walk in the door there. The MRI we had done yesterday, we will be getting a 100 dollar bill in the mail for that. Now we struggle to pay rent and utilities. How in the heck are we supposed to pay those hospital bills too? It makes no sense.
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Wendy: I'm sorry for your troubles, and the best I can do for today
is send you a huge hug and a "hang in there and take care of yourself".

Love to you, Bet
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See if there is a county hosptial in your area. In Dallas, we have one and they take insurance, but the cost is based on income on a sliding scale.
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Hang in there. I'm sending up some extra prayers for a solution and some relief for both of you..
huge hugs,
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Is there a possibility that he can have a catheter implanted in his back where he can get pain medication through that. My father-in-law had that done when he had prostate cancer that had spread to his spine and what a difference it made. Other than that sending you some hugs. Honey you really need to take care of you. I have been the too many smokes, not enough sleep, bad food and worrying route and all it did was make me sick and tired. It did not change a thing for my daughter. Hugs, Marle
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Marle, I always thought I would not want that, but at this point it seems like a good idea considedring I wouldnt have to hand out meds anymore. Thanks for the hugs. I really need them right now.
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Wendy maybe see if you can move the pain mgmt appt up or have the other Dr call and schedule the appt you would be suprised how something opens up when a Dr calls to make the appt. They shouldnt have a problem doing that for your husband. Just call explain the situation and ask the Dr to call and see what they can do for you. You pay them enough they should be able to do something for your husband. My fiance as you know has a very bad back and I believe does the same line of work as your husband does. Its so hard to watch them. My fiance also says when the time comes where he can have a cure to be pain free he will also have to go to rehab. After so many years on the pain meds you do become addicted to them and sometimes you need help to come off them.

Ask the Dr if maybe he can write a RX for a long lasting pain med and that way your husband can take the percocet for breakthrough pain. PM me if you want I can give you some ideas. What about the duragesic patch did he ever look into that? THere are a few others I cant think of off the top of my head but if anything comes to mind I'll PM you. I know how hard this is to watch and deal with.
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Wendy, others here have experience in this area and have offered some great advice. I don't, and realize how grateful I am not to deal with chronic pain...I get depressed about feeling bad if I have a bug for too long; now I hope I will be grateful instead of whiny.

I do have experience with asking a doctor's offcie to call the specialists office for me when I had an extreme situation and was told first appointment was a month away. it definitely works..usually just a matter of a couple of days instead of weeks. I'm sure his doctor would be glad to do this for him.

Mainly I just wanted to send you mega-hugs and loads of prayers for both of you. I really wish I could take the load from you for a little bit so you could get some peace and rest. Hang in there Wendy...something will get better soon, just keep believing.
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No advice, Wendy. Just prayers and hugs.

Hangin' In
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I'm sorry things are so crappy for the two of you and I hope your solutions come soon.
I have had back pain since 1977. I apparently have a fracture thats not operable without serious consequences. I have chosen to not take pain meds (addiction has been in my family long before RAS) the reason for my explanation of me is that I sympathize with your husbands pain. From what I've read your husband has a buldging disc? My husband was in a motorcycle accident which gave him a buldging disc, chiropractor, time and b-complex along with believe it or not bayer asprin have been doing wonders for the disc. Just thought I'd share this, sometimes its the simpilest things that can fix.

good luck and I really hope he feels better soon
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