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I agree I would ahve gone too, whether it had been my husband, brother in law or even a friend of a friend, she called to ask for help, that was her intentions, Im sorry for all involved that she didnt wait for it, but you know if she had she may still have quickly been gone again
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You've done no wrong (( caliesnana ))
She knows you love her. She's just not her true self now.
Please do something nice just for you and breathe.
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My ad is in the same place with her abusive boyfriend. If she called and was hurt, yes I'd go running.
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Just wanted to agree with the others, I would have done the same thing. You were a mom long before you were the mom of an addict. I'm hoping she has contacted you again, even if only to leave a message so you know she's ok. Also, congrats on trying to get help for the little ones, that takes real guts. For Pete's sakes, you should be proud of yourself, you certainly did nothing wrong, also good for you letting your daughter know you love her. I'll be praying for you.
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Originally Posted by marle View Post
Susan, Maybe this happened so that you could once again feel the love that you have for Kasey instead of the anger. Your daughter, like mine, is not only dealing with the issues of addiction, she is also in a relationship with someone who wants to isolate and abuse her. The drugs make them just that much more vulnerable. Hugs, Marle

I agree...and the cycle of both addiction and abuse is pulling at both of them. She isn't doing it to is simply part of the cycle. In her heart she loves you and she sure does know you love her. I'm praying for Kasey and for Megan...every day. Praying for the moms and dads too...for all of us impacted by addiction. Hugs
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thanks to all

No word at all. Thank you to all of you once again, I made it though the day with the help of ya'll and many prayers. I pray God continues to work in her and she survives the abuse long enough to wake up.

Bless you all,
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I can imagine your stress. First she's hurt and bleeding, then she's able to run away when help comes.
You've got a plan not to answer the phone so that you can get some relief from the stress.
It's a good plan. Addicts always want to be rescued. If we stop rescuing, we stop them from taking advantage of our love for them.

Go to a meeting and talk it over with others. It will help you.
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Good Lord, it doesn't seem to matter how long they have been doing this; as a parent, it still gets to you and hits you straight in the heart. I know - I'm still there although with time, experience and recovery, I don't jump like I once used to.

Eventually the truth wins out and usually the drama, chaos and urgency dies down. For a very long time, Mr. M and I have had a policy in our home that we shut off our phones or we simply do NOT take any phone calls after 10:00 pm - period. Whatever happens during that time, can wait until we have woken up.

It's made a very big difference in our lives. Unfortunately, like you, some of the drama rears its head earlier in the evening but we try not to react. I have a confession, however, it still hits my heartstrings and I have to take a deep breath. She may be my AD but she is still and always will be simply, my daughter, and I, her mother. So, don't kick yourself.

I won't shoot you either; if I did, we'd probably all have to be shot!

Hugs from one mom to another.
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I agree with everyone else. You are no fool so you could be made no fool of.

I would do that for anyone, but especially if I had a kid. I also think what the others said, her running is also about the abuse, that's a common thing.

I'm so sorry this is going on. I wish I could do something to help you.
Your both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sorry you are having to go through this, an yes I or my husband would have went. We have in the past an will in the future I'm sure. Will say though the last time her abf knocked her around, we went an got her to make sure she was safe, but we didn't let ourselves get drug into the drama of it all. On the bright side at least you heard from her an know she's alive. Will say a prayer for you an her.
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I am late on this because I've been gone since 8am. I just got home and got on here to check in and saw your thread. I am so so sorry for you hon. I just don't know what to say except that you know I would have gone to rescue my daughter from that beast. You did what any mom would have done. If we are going to shoot anyone it would be HIM. Susan, I know you are very upset with her. If she calls again for help and you can't bring yourself to go to her please call the police. They will get there faster than you and they can help her. I left you a voice mail.
I hope maybe you are getting some rest. God will take care of Kasey. I'm praying for her to be surrounded by angels for protection. I'm glad the uncle knows what is going on. Maybe this incident will open a door to the dysfunction that is going on in that home. Things happen for a reason. I know that we don't know or understand why.........but someday it will all make sense. I believe that it will.

Love you.............Lois
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morning, susan - still praying over here...k
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Hi Susan,
Thinking about you and Kasey.
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Smile Mornin'

I am OK, first time I'm not crazy. I think about her and pray, but I an not obsessed. I have never reacted this way before. I know God is working, and pray yesterday was a stepping stop to her coming to her senses. I am not in control of her, I finally accepted that....maybe that's the difference. I actually feel ok, at peace today, God is shielding me I know.

Thanks, I love you all. I know your hope, prayers and strength is helping me daily.

God bless you all
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i feel for you. i know how it is when our children do things like that. i just pray she is ok. you take care of you. u r not a fool you are a mother who loves her child. you did what most all of us would do. hugs for you & prayers for u both.
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Hi Caileesnana, the drama in the addict world you just described is just par-for-the-course. Probably the guy came back, offered her dope, and all was forgiven. I hate to say it, but I have seen that too many times. Woman gets beat up. She threatens to leave. She is probably serious about leaving at the time. Man brings out drugs. All is forgiven for a little hit. Your feelings are numbed. Your self-respect out the window. And the pain that you cause yourself and the others around you disappears.

The only feeling that remains is the brief euphoria from the drug and then the horrible need for more.

I feel bad for you. That's just how users treat their families when they are caught up in the drug world. Maybe better just to not answer the phone next time. Or tell her you are going to call 9-1-1 and report domestic violence at her address.

Then see how she responds.
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Susan, I know that my daughter has used me in the past against her abf. When he is not supplying the drugs, mom gets the call that she wants to leave him. Funny thing is that a few days later everything is better and she is happy with her life. In times of plenty, I never get called. It is only when they don't have money for drugs and they are jonesing and treating each other abusively that she thinks about mom and maybe getting help. Doesn't last long. He always finds a way to get the money and the drugs. So be careful that Kasey doesn't use you to manipulate the abf to get more drugs. It is a really fine line between them sincerely wanting your help and just wanting to stick it to the boyfriend. Hugs, Marle
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I don't put anything past her. I figured that was what happened, he came by and made it all better. Just a mess. She manipulated me and I fell for it, I will call the police next time like was suggested. Almost did it this time, but was just a mom for a minute.

Found out today another "friend" of hers in in jail for drug possession. GOOD! This witch has a 6 yo little boy. God answers prayers, in his time, not mine!

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Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and sending up prayers for you for strength. Praying, too, for Kasey's rock bottom.

Continue to focus on you and take care of yourself.
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Susan, mom hugs coming your way, I would have gone too.
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