Daughter called-need prayers

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Marle.. just adding my prayers and finding hope in this. Your daughter calls you when she is in what she perceives as real trouble and that IS positive.

Praying you all find peace and they both find recovery.
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Prayers and hugs to you!!!!! Will have church say a prayer also, just started back recently. So sorry for the mess-you KNOW what needs to be done. Hang in there. As a newbie-you have been such an inspiration to me-praying and hoping for the best!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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Glad your daughter felt that she could call you. I feel God is working (as always) very much in this by giving some thoughts and opportunities to Megan. Sending prayers to all involved in this chaos. Hoping this may be a turning point for Megan. Prayers of peace for you.
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Big prayers going out to both Megan and Steve. My son also had a broken jaw, twice, and it's very painful, but fixable with the use of plates. The other hard part is being on a liquid diet for six weeks. I hope this is a turning point for both of them.

hugs ~

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First of all, I agree with BigSis, now is the time to believe everything happens for a reason.
Secondly, I know all about a broken jaw. My son had just turned 18 when he got in a bad accident. Broke his jaw, his cheekbones, a femur and both kneecaps. My dad made me take a picture of his car right after it happened, i remember being furious that he would ask such a thing....but now when I see that car, it it truly a miracle that we still have him.
At the time he was doing a LOT of partying, drinking, pot, God knows what else. He was failing high school. Well. to make a long story short, he got his masters degree two years ago. Apparently he did a lot of thinking while he couldn't move or eat, but never said anything to me, and we are very close.
My prayers are with you all, this will be tough. Abf will still be able to smoke, but definately will need to keep wire cutters, especially if he is sick to his stomach..and btw, our hospital gave my son a pain med that did exactly that! Also when he was in the hospital, since he had just turned 18 two lousy days before, he was in control of his morphine pump! A tutor he had after he came home figured out he was addicted because of all the night tears he was having.
You wil be in my thoughts. If I can help at all, please pm me. I'll pray that this will be the turning point for your daughter....(((((marle))))
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I'm just glad that she called you. I agree with Big Sis and believing that everything happens for a reason. More will be revealed. I am sending up prayers for all of you. You are in my thoughts.

Lots of love, Donna
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Sending my best prayers too, Marle, for you, your daughter and also for him. He may be a creep but he's a child of God who may do better if he can shake the drugs.

It's good she will talk to you, that may make a difference in the coming days.

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Hi Marle

Gosh I always think I'm the only one with pressing problems but, next to you, my life is bliss!

I'm so sorry all this has happened and it does make one wonder why doesn't it? I mean they say everything happens for a reason. I want to know the reason right now.

My heart goes out to you and to your daughter. Makes me insane when they are treated so badly, yet feel the abuse is warranted! Oh sad.

I'm praying for you, Meagan and most of all praying that some good will come out of this, and they will rise from the ashes!

Hugs to you Marle

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Hon just in case you can pm me anytime for info on the SA (it is free) since I am in Detroit I'll help anyway I can.

I know it might not be their time yet, or hers rather, but we all pray it is.

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Oh wow.... I will say a prayer that things go exactly as they should, because I think that is how they are going. I know this is hard for all but I agree with the others who said this is the plan.

It kind of reminds me of that joke in a way about the man in a boat, let me see if I can find it...

Okay, here it is...

A man, God and 3 boats
This man was drowning and a man in a boat came and said 'do you need help?' But the man drowning said 'no thanks, God will save me'. So the man in the boat went off and then another man came in a different boat and said, 'do you need help?' The man drowning said 'no thanks, God will save me'. So the man in the boat went off and then another man in the boat came and said, 'do you need help?' But the man drowning said, 'no thanks God will save me'. Then the man in the boat went and the man in the sea drowned and went to heaven and said to God, 'God why didn't you save me? and God said I sent three boats for you......
God (or who you believe in) is sending your daughter and this man their boats, but a lot more than three.

She is not going to jump on that boat until she feels like she is really drowning, hopefully she is getting there. I sure didn't jump till I was ready. As horrible as this is, this is reality for her. Remember it was the night my dealer threatened me that woke my butt up. I didn't get it till them.
Your a Mom Rockstar, Keep that head up!!

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Marle..Praying for your family that things are turning around. An I have to say your a better woman than I am cause there is no way I could pray for that guy if I were you.
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Megan called. Steve has been in surgery since 5:30. They are staying the night in Detroit (Megan and his mom and sister). She said she would call and let me know how things are tomorrow. I told her a lot of people on here have sent their prayers. I don't know if it makes a difference to her, but we shall see. Thanks everyone. Hugs, Marle

p.s. Miss Done, I agree that this may not be her time. I don't know if she is ready. It is so hard to make that change, but I continue to prayer for her every day.
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Lostparent, I have a hard time with that but I know that he is a sick person and has a mom that loves him just as much as I love my daughter. He had a horrible childhood with a dad that was in and out of mental hospitals and was a prescription pill addict. He died of an overdose. So Steve has had his share of sorrow too. Hugs, Marle
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Comin' in late, but wanted to add my prayers up for you, Megan, and her abf, as well. Praying that this is a turning point for them both.
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(+) (+) (+) Super Hugs and Prayers for a positive outcome
to all of you
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No one deserves such pain.....Thank you for posting this and asking for prayers for him...I know it must be incredibly difficult to get past the anger at him and feel compassion for his predicament. You are such a strong and loving woman, Marle. My prayers for you and Megan and Steve...may their HP's will be done. Hugs
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Oh Marle, how sad and miserable an addict's life is. Your heart is so good, kind and compassionate.
Megan knows she can call you when times are rough and that is so positive.
Sending prayers for all.
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Oh Marle your strength and courage have helped me so much the past four months - you have NO idea. I too am praying that this is her time.



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There have been many times that I have not liked the process that my AD has had to go through in order to get to where she is today. But as I look back, I see it was all a part of her journey. There were times when I think she was learning nothing, but now I know better.

Praying that your daughter will learn what she needs to learn from this incident in order to get herself to a better place.

Hangin' In
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Hi Marle,
I'm sending some extra prayers along for you, Megan and Steve too.
Your recovery is inspiring.
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