ReeRee for the 6th time

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ReeRee for the 6th time

I became a ReeRee again for the 6th time yesterday afternoon around 5:20!!

Jace Alexander was born with all his precious fingers & toes!! Hubby & I went to hospital after both of us went to our seperate meetings. Didn't get to hold him but did whisper to him how glad I was to see him & that his ReeRee loved him very, very much.

Our daughter seemed to be in a better place mentally. This is her 3rd child. The other 2 children are living with other people due to her addiction. Am praying that should the need occur that little man Jace need that same protection that my God will give me the strength, courage and opportunity to do what needs to be done.

Thank you so much for the support and prayers yesterday - I truly know it helped me get thru the tough part of the day.

Wishing you Serenity & Joy,
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welcome to the world jace. i pray you have a wonderful life. i bet he is precious.congrats to you & the little man.prayers for all of you.
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Happy Birthday Jace!
And congratulations Ree Ree, from a Mema
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Congrats from a Nana!!!
Maybe this will be her turn around. She is in my prayers,
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grateful rca
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congratulations reeree, gosh i can't wait to see pics, don't forget to get a view of those little fingers or toes, don't really matter.

ps. i'm praying that this will be your daughter's time and all will work out just fine.
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Yeah for Jace! Glad he's doing great.
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Welcome to the world Jace!

Rita...........Congrats, ReeRee
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i'm glad the delivery was safe. congrats! blessings, k
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congratulations, ReeRee!!!
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let it grow!
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we used to call our grandma "no no"...ha!
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congrats, my youngest is jon alexander
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Im happy for you. As a grandmother myself, I know the love and joy they bring into our lives.
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Congratulations! Welcome, sweet Jace!
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