Now she won't STOP calling me!

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Let me grow up.
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Now she won't STOP calling me!

In the past 2 hours she's called me 4 times and left 4 voicemails (each one angrier then the next. . .ha). It amazes me how she expects me to answer when she calls, be there when she falls. 100% dependable. . .yep, that's me! You know the story, she and her mom were fighting and her mother was accusing her of using when she wasn't so she just up and left for a couple of days to "cool down". She didn't want to be bothered with any one so she didn't call to let any one know where she was including me. She didn't do drugs; she swears or else she would admit to it if she had.

Keep in mind that I'm aware through her mom that she did manage to call her exAGF. . .um 3 days ago. She called her favorite cousin 2 days ago. As for the woman she's in love with, the woman she wants to spend the rest of her life with, the woman who's the only joy in her life. . .um. . .I just got my phone call TODAY. Amazing how I'm always LAST to know. I sat there and listened to her lie and lie and lie some more and she knew I wasn't buying it because I didn't say anything.. . absolutely nothing. . . which pissed her off even more.

Have pity on the drug-addict because life is tough enough without me adding to her misery. I'm just supposed to say "Yes, baby. I understand. I forgive you. I love you. I couldn't dare be mad at you." Good grief!

Any way I just had to vent and thanks for listening
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If you have internet on your cell go to and download a silent ringer. You can put it on any number you want. It's great!! Then you don't have to hear her call...
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Hi, Newblue, I know how that feels. I used to get calls from my ex everytime he ended up in the hospital detoxing after binging. He used to leave me voice mails sounding so serious and urgent "I really need to talk you... call me back ASAP" blah blah blah, like I am suppost to stop everything and attend to his "crisis". When he is out doing whatever he is doing, he even turns off his cell so that he doesn't have to talk to me for days!! how selfish... I think it must have taken you a lot of strenths to just sit there and not to give her comforting words as she expected. Great job!
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Anger and desperate pleas are an indication of their own dysfunction and the disease of addiction, and in the end really have nothing to do with the person they call. They are just looking for a soft place to land.

You don't have to be that soft place. You deserve better. She will find a better path when the easy paths are no longer available.

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you sound as if you are handeling this really well. you are doing good in your recovery.she will eventually quit calling when she realizes u are not listening to the quacking.........
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Blue, You sound strong. I swear they must think we are total idiots to believe all of that bull.
Stay strong.............Lo
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let it grow!
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carry on in recovery. you can get better, despite the chaos in her life. blessings, k

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Oh they all have to do the same things, tell the same lies and expect the same compassion from thier codie lovers each and every time. I have heard the same BS lies and it was insulting to me at the time that I choose her as a lover and allowed a women I loved to do this to me. It is a terrible thing to go through and as you know Newblue your XAGF is an addict and a liar. What is worse than them disappearing is if/when you find out where they were and what they were doing while they were gone. You DON'T want to know. Walk away quitely with innocent thoughts in your head about her just getting loaded and passing out, the truth to me was a lot harder to accept. You sound like you are doing good and are strong, change your phone numbers, you will feel better. No communication even if you are just hearing her voice and her words, it still does damage.
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grateful rca
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sending hugs your way, still praying for you and for her
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