Grieving and Loss- Al Anon Book

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Grieving and Loss- Al Anon Book

I saw the new Al Anon book at my meeting last night! Here is information about it from the Al Anon website:

Al-Anon’s newest book is here!
Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29) will prove useful for thought-provoking individual reading as well as stimulating group discussions. It shares the experiences of hundreds of members as we explore how Al-Anon principles have helped us to acknowledge, understand, and accept the losses we have experienced as a result of someone else’s alcoholism. The book covers a wide range of topics including death, financial ruin, abandoned dreams, and vanished self-esteem. With the help of Al-Anon Family Groups we can begin to heal and to live life more fully.

“Before recovery, I used to think grief only happened when someone died. I had been in Al-Anon for several years before I read about grief in relation to alcoholism. It started to make perfect sense to me when I understood that much of my sadness, anger, and mixed-up feelings were signs of grief. I was losing my battle with trying to control the alcoholic in my life. At last I could see I was grieving. As I got more and more honest, I saw that I had been in grief much of my life, but had no name for it. Recognizing my grief seemed to offer me a sense of dignity. I finally understood what was happening to me. I now use this knowledge when I experience small losses or big ones.”

From Opening Our Hearts,
Transforming Our Losses
(B-29), page 5

Has anyone out there read it? I plan to buy a copy at a meeting tonight. They are using it as a study guide... I'm excited to get it!

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I am so glad for another ~ have not read it yet, but plan on bying it.
You know, i came to this site today looking for a reading~~~ and there you were!
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