Week-end Update

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Week-end Update

Just wanted to let you all know that the week-end with AD and I together went pretty well. I tried to keep a low profile when it came to questioning her about things. I just wanted us to have one week-end without digging up dirt about anything. She did tell me she would like to go to the doctors and have him put her on Suboxone. She said it is a blocker and she thinks it would help her. She appears to be clean for now, but I know it's hard. She did manage to keep busy over the week-end. She played 18 holes of golf with her cousins on Sat. She was up at 7:30 am and out the door. (Unusual for her). While she was off doing that I went to the movies with my sisters. We saw "Hairspray". It took my mind off of things for a little while. We had a barbecue on Sat. night. She had fun doing that because we all made our own foil packs of meat, veggies, seasonings (just like she did in girl scouts). Into the fire they went, and each one was personalized. When Sunday came she didn't want to leave. We had to come home because we both have app. this week. She asked me if we could go back after our app. and stay for part of the week and into the week-end. If all goes well in the next couple of days I think we might just do that. It is always so hard to plan, because as we all know things can change from day to day. All in all it was a pretty good week-end. I know I would have a better time if I could let my guard down. I end up putting more stress on myself when there really wasn't anything to stress about. Does anyone else do that?
Thanks for thinking of me.

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grateful rca
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thanks for the update, glad to hear that all is well. keeping you and yours in my prayers
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Thanks for the good news! I hope ya'll get to go back in a couple of days. She was happy there, having fun, and remembering how to live again! I think because the place has nothing to do with the past she could take a break too! I am very happy for you both. Good to hear some good news for a change!
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lobo, i am glad your weekend was good. i hope you two will get back this week if that is what YOU want to do. no, i do not worry about if my son is going to get high.i enjoy the times he is clean & with me. prayers for u both.
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Letting our guard down with our addicted loved ones is really hard.
I feel when I'm with my son, I'm always looking into his eyes to see if he is "there" or in la la land from pot. I have family members tell me that I should just be grateful he's not shooting heroin anymore and that he's still alive. To forget about the pot.
Uh, yeah.
That's gonna happen.
They have no idea.
Anyway, I think that being on guard is kinda like a protective shield for us normies.
We don't want the lies, manipulation, ect., to start up by something we've said or a question we ask. Don't even start me on the questioning thing? If my son tells me once more how he hates to answer questions, I'm gonna pop him right in the eye.
Me on guard...Choosing my words so that they don't come out in question form. lol
What's up with that anyway? They're gonna lie anyway, so what's the dif?
With my son, I guess deep down he really hates lying to me, so in order not to...
please don't ask anything.
I'm glad you both were together for the weekend and had an alright time.
She probably needed that sense of normalcy. Ya know? It helps them.
As far as suboxon, I'm not real sure. I have heard it does help with cravings.
My son was never on it. He did, however, take methadone doses from a clinic for about 10-14 months. He worked, lived normally, and seemed to do well.
Until I told him he had to start paying for it himself. That went over like a lead balloon.
I can't for the life of me figure out where he gets the idea that people are here to do his biding.
I never raised him that way. At least, I don't believe I did intentionally. lol
With love and continued prayers for our children to heal,
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let it grow!
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sounds like time well spent, and that is great! blessings, k
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