Update On As And My Fractured Elbows

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Update On As And My Fractured Elbows

Hi All. Haven't Been Here In Awhile As It's A Pain Typing With One Hand. I Had My Surgery On July 25th And I'm On The Mend. The Surgeon Put One Screw In My Left Elbow And It's Still In A Cast. My Right Arm Is Coming Along. I Can Pretty Much Use It. I Just Can't Straighten It All The Way. I'm Counting My Blessings.

Ras Has His 90 Day Clean Anniversary Coming Up And That Is Truly What Makes My Day. He Is Starting A Job On Monday As An Ironworker So He Will Be Really Busy And Tired From A Long Hard Day Out In This Heat. This Will Be The Best Thing For Him. No More Laying Around The House. He Seems Excited About Starting His New Job. Even Better, The Guy He Will Be Teamed Up With Is A 15 Years Clean Family Man, Every Thing Seems To Be Falling Into Place. But I Still Am Just Taking One Day At A Time And I Am Grateful For Every Day My Real Son Is With Us, Not The Drug Addicted One.

Thanks All For All Of Your Kind Words And Prayers. I'm Still Here, But Trying To Get My Old Typing Fingers Back. Talk To You All Soon.
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Bless your heart, youve been through some pretty rough times. I am so glad things are getting better for you! Both with the elbows and your son!
Hugs to you. Things are all coming together for you.
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so glad you came by to update us, louise - get well and keep coming back!

(proud of your son............)
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Hope you're up to snuff really soon, and congrats to son on clean time, that is such a blessing

Take care and thanks for updating's to 90 more clean days and to healing for those bones

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glad to see you healing well enough to let us know how u r doing & give us the good news on your son.that is terrific. i am sure that helps your heart mend right along with your elbow & your arm. taking it one day at a time is a good thing as long as you are shouting "he is doing it". it does us good to know some of our addicts are clean today. take care of yourself & i hope to see you soon.
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If you haven't checked it out already, Microsoft puts a voice recognition thing in its windows products, and also in Microsoft office like Word and excel. When I had my hand surgeries this past year, I used it a LOT in order to be able to work and to keep up on the boards! All you need is a decent microphone (maybe $20) and you're good to go! PM me if you need more info.

Glad to see you're healing and that you had some good news from your RAS. Life is good.


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Glad to hear you are doing well! It's also good about your son. Thanks for the success story. It always helps to hear that from another mom.
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so glad your son has 90 days. God bless!
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Thanks for the update, Louise. I know those falls can be hard on our old bones Prayers for you to continue to heal and for your son to continue on his recovery road. I like good news Hugs, Marle
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Thank You All For Your Support. I Should Change My Sr Name To Bows, Lol, That's What Some Friends Have Been Calling Me. You Gotta Laugh.
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Louise- fantastic news!! How wonderful to have your son back for 90 days now, just when you needed him most with your arm situation. It is only going to keep getting better for the two of you. I gotta have faith + hope. Your story reminds us that things can and do turn around, in their own time. I am happy for you that it is your son's time. You sound positive even though even the smallest daily routines must be difficult for you. Love your attitude!!!!
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Lousie, I'm glad the surgery went well and that you are healing. How wonderful to have your real son and congrats on his job...It sounds like a terrific situation. Prayers for both of you. Hugs
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Louise, Glad to hear you are on the mend. For today things are good.
My best to you and your son.

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grateful rca
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hope you get better soon, good to hear that all else is going so well. keeping you and yours in my prayers
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good for you louise
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Glad to hear you're doing so well, and that your son is, too. Sending prayers up for both of you, Bows!! LOL
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