Sr Is Working!!!! Thank You Sr

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Sr Is Working!!!! Thank You Sr

I am still new and have whined, cried, and made an ass out of myself. So many others have more problems than I have. Was working in the yard-trying to get it back from 2 yrs. of neglect & my health would not allow me to do it. New dr.-new meds. Work-good for heart and recovery. Saw (my truck) leaving the rent house,druggies are being evicated-lawyer is out of town, with AH in it-blood pressure did not soar-just thought "oh well". You know my favorite saying-cheer up-things could be worse-so I cheered up and things got worse. Neighbor boy saw me working and came to offer help-he did. He wanted to go to the back yard(that is overgrown-I call it my hidden garden). Lots happened-with neighbors & drug tenants-all to the good. Went to check the gates and saw a pile of branches-all red leaves-SHOCK!!!!!! Then I looked up and low and behold the neighbor boy had taken the loppers and his saw and my huge Jap Maple tree(the largest in the county) was no more. I just stared and then got a big grin and got the giggles. Took my mind of the addict and realize there are other things in life than him. Neighbor boy is still helping(told him about the tree) Had AH been around the poo would have hit the fan.Both his cells are suspended, he called to tell me he made the truck pmt.(big whoop) another is due in a wk., has no auto ins., & his 4-wheeler pmt book is here. Qll his wheeling and dealing-must not be much profit if you are spending more on your drugs and being a big shot giving them to you so-called friends. Such is the life of an addict. Rumor has it he bought a pool & set it up at his brothers(br. ok-a trucker-family is f-----) So much for being responsible. No more calls to the lawyers,parole office-he is going to do it to himself. And when he gets his one phone call-and I know it will come-will choose the words carefully. Just venting and THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. Mentally turning around-friends and neighbors see it. LOL I am posting before I reread it.
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I'm no angel!
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There you go, step one, letting go, focusing on you.

Make tomorrow another special day, for you.
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Then I looked up and low and behold the neighbor boy had taken the loppers and his saw and my huge Jap Maple tree(the largest in the county) was no more. I just stared and then got a big grin and got the giggles.
It's this great attitude you have that will see you through anything. And the good news is that it keeps getting better.

Thanks for my evening smile.

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baby steps is all it takes.u are doing good.hugs,
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To Life!
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The rainbow is the sign of the new covenent G*D made with the Jews following the Flood. (Gen 6-9)
Life: God saves the family of Noah (6:18), telling them to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth (9:1, 7)
Diet: they may now also eat animals, but may not eat/drink their blood, and may not shed human blood (9:2-6)
Covenant: God promises not to destroy the whole human race again through a flood (9:8-11)
the "sign" of this covenant: the rainbow set in the clouds each time it rains (9:12-17)

I think it's wonderful that your name depicts this covenant! And it's quite a portent, too.
Sometimes, our tears threaten to drown us in another flood. But, G*D has promised this won't happen.

It's so nice to hear that you're turning around. And that others are witnessing the covenant coming true. I remember all to well the first time I laughed spontaneously following the discovery of my son's addiction. It was amazing that I ever remembered how to do so after all I had been through!

But, momsrainbow, SR works only when you work it. The eforts made by yourself are what reap the rewards. We are here only as a guide. It is you who must walk the walk and grow through the pain. Please remember to give yourself credit, each and every time you recognize your growth in your recovery.

Recognize the promise made in the rainbow. You are its fullfillment.

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sorry to hear about your tree!! Japanese maples are one of my favorites!!
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Still smiling about the tree!!!! Recovery must be here. Slowly , but surely. Ya'll may not understand-but that darn tree-still has me giggling. How strange a tree puts you on focus? Sick huh? I LOVE IT!!! Neighbors were more upset than me-sent and got tree tar and glopped it on-hoping to save it. Just like AH-i could have glopped it on him and no saving him-just like the tree-no saving it-LIFE GOES ON!!!! I will miss the tree!!!!!! Still have the pups-his! He wants them but to"busy" to come get them-much less bring dog food. Breaks my heart. Like I said before-no shelters or anything you would find in a populated area-I live in a rural area. Everyone is looking for a home for them-including the vet-one pup got parvo and I paid that bill. AH ever trys to take a pet to any vet in the county under his name-he will have to go elsewhere. I did not do this the vet did!!! Guess I will keep them-until a home-whenever? Not my link of hanging on-maybe his? Oooops-that is WHAT ADDICTS DO?
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Glad to hear that things are moving forward for you...Ann's right; it keeps getting better.

Sorry about your tree but I sure do love how you handled it! Hugs
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Hug giver-outer!
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Walking the walk and talking the talk is never easy but the rewards are many. To tell you the truth, if it wasn't for here and my own recovery dealing with my AD, I might not be here on this earth - I was THAT desparate!

Not anymore!

Yes, Ann is right, it does keep getting better.
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let it grow!
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carry on in recovery! k
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Ah well, you didn't REALLY want a Japanese Maple anyhow did you!???!!!

You are sounding good and you know.. when you turn it over like this it just keeps on getting better. The pups will work out too. Meanwhile, start training them some. You might be surprised at how much fun that can be! and if they need something to chew on I think you might have some Japanese Maple logs...... (Just kidding!).
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Power is not having to respond
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You're doing great! I applaud your being able to say "oh well" with the ah. But, that tree, do I understand it was an act of vandalism? Did you report it?
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W.W. tree was just a mistake the neighbor boy did trying to help with the yard work-he is only eight, and simply did not know better. Back yard is so grown up-since AH never did a thing. Maybe get a willow-they grow fast. So much for my tiny little jap garden that was under it. Sure was an attitude adjuster!!!! I have worked with the pups-they know right from wrong, all the dog tricks, etc. Just-pups who are still curious and try my patience (a lot) sometimes. One is a fence jumper-more graceful than a deer. Cannot break her of it. She does not go far-just to the neighbors or the front porch. She tried to get the parrots-only once-got bit on her nose. Ad I put in the paper did no good. Sooner of later-a good home will show up. Good idea-will give them each a log to chew on-I love that idea!!!!! Live little wood chippers!!!!! Life is still good today!!!!!!
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