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Marle- hugs to you. I could only imagine how that must have felt.
I admire your positive attitude and your self-awareness.
I too have spent a huge chunk of my life unable to clearly define my boundaries- suppose I was never really taught to observe and enforce them.
Your ability to discern your journey through the grief process is powerful in and of itself.
You are in my thoughts.
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Marle, as a mom who had to let go and get on with her own life, I know how hard it can be sometimes, but I see your light shining brightly and I promise you that it keeps getting better.

Your daughter is in my prayers and God's hands.

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Your recovery is shining, my friend!!
Hugs and prayers to you and your AD....
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You have touched my heart this morning...thanks for the willingness to be vulnerable, the honesty and the compassion you have shown in this post and others.
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Oh Marle, What can I say, my heart goes out to you. Its just so very sad what these kids of ours that r addicted do with their lives.

Love & HUGH Hugs,
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You always set such a good example for the rest of us. I pray that one day I will have just half of your wisdom.
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Sometimes Love is not enough

Hello Marle, I was reading the threads here because I wanted to know how my drug using effects my family.I was really touched by the efforts you are doing to keep connection with your daughter.I am an addict who's only 11 days clean but I want to tell you not to ever think that your daughter doesnot love.She's just probably feeling guilty and helpless.Addiction is hard because no matter how hard you want to help the addict,only he/she will have to endure the pain of withdrawals. Your daughter is lost and donot want any help because fighting an addiction is one of the hardest things to ever do in life.It's very painful.Do you think she's happy losing everthing for drugs.But you should never lose hope.Do not think that she's not ready now & wait till she's ready.No addict is ever ready to quit but he have to do it.So keep trying to contact her & donnot blame her,just show her that if she is willing to quit you'll support.She may actually die and so try to do something before it's too late.If you are counting on her to get clean by her self,she won't.just try to reach her no matter how hard it's.
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Jane, Thank you. I have never not tried. It is just that my methods of the past have not worked. It just made me angrier and more sick myself. I fully realize that I could lose my daughter to this disease. Death is but the next hit away. She realizes this too but is not ready. So everyday I pray that she will have that moment of clarity. She may just be one that can't live life as it is meant to be. I trust God has a plan for her. My getting in the way is not part of it. Hugs and prayers for you that you continue on your path of recovery. Marle
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Just a simple, I care for you and am sending out a prayer for you and your daughter today.

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Hi Marle.
Here I sit typing and praying at about 430 am. I am praying for you,your daughter,
and my son, I hope they get sick of the drugs someday.
I also think about the others..the lost sons, daughters, fathers, brothers, sisters,
as well- and hope the best for them also.
Hugs to you, Stef
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Sending up prayers for you and Megan today.

With love and mom hugs,
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Marle, Just sending you thoughts and prayers today. As mothers of daughters I know your pain. I know when she is clean and trying I want to be her best cheerleader and supporter. I know you would too. I also know that when they are in active addiction we also have to protect ourselves because we sometimes get sicker than they do. My daughter has so much pain in her life and I want to help her with that, but I can't if she won't let me. Only she can turn something tragic into something that can benefit her. If she choses to cover up her pain with drugs I can't stop her. I can suggest other avenues, but only she can take advantage of them. There is recovery everyday........for that we pray.

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let it grow!
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sending you hugs, marle. i pray for all the moms and addicted sons and daughters everyday. blessings, k
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If the power of prayer works than we have a fighting chance w/ all the prayers we've sent. God, please protect our children and release us from worry because they are in your hands now.
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addiction and the actions it brings with it suck - it all just sucks - i hope it is better soon...

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