irrational thinking-mental health issues

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irrational thinking-mental health issues

i was wondering if anyone had to deal with other mental health issues with their addict.

i just think and my therapist also that there may be other mental halth issues gong on....or could it just be from the drugs...i know so many have said thath even after the drug use, the behaviors stay the same...what behaviors i am wondering??

It seems like my ah's thinking is just off...for instance, my daughter fractured her foot and so my ah touched her walking cast and supposedly it hurt her so i said dont touch it, shes not supposed to move her foot....he said my reaction made her cry, not what he me it just doesnt make sense..he said that i casued her to just makes no sense to me some things that come out of his mouth.

anyway, if anyone has any insight into this irrational thinking and if it ever stops if it is drug realted or if you have dealt with any mental illnesses.
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My RAH did have some mental issues before his drug use. He was supposedly bi-polar or manic depressive. He was seeing someone for awhile and taking medication, it just made him sleep. He was also having anxiety. So I don't know what was actually wrong. He never even told me in the beginning he was seeing someone for this.

But for some reason he doesn't seem to have these issues anymore!

I will say my RAH is not the same person he was before. I do see a change in him since he was using drugs. He is clean now, but just not the same person. But I am probably not the same person either. I have changed alot in the past 2 years. But sometimes things he will say are pretty mean. Plus if there is an issue with our son it is me that caused it. My RAH can just never be wrong!

My RAH was using drugs everyday - it is hard to imagine that it doesn't do something to you after 2 years.
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I also believe there are mental health issues. But the one trait that bothers me the most is his controlling and abusiveness. The prior threats and harassment. And that thinking will not be changed by sobriety.
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Hi DW. Good to hear from you. Hope you are OK.

My X Husband was an alcoholic. He was mentally ill for most of his life with severe depression. His thinking was often irrational. One of his greatest fears was to be left financially destitute in old age.. and his thinking on this was often obsessive to the point where he squandered all of his today's foor fear of this happening tomorrow (if that makes sense).

After we were divorced and after he had made several unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide both b4 and after our divorce, his family had him involuntarioly committed to the State Psychiatric hospital. He died there 8 months later of a heart attack. He never got the tomorrows he was so obsessed about.

So, yes, I have dealt with mental health issues in an addict. In this case the DOC was alcohol but it really matters not the DOC.
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XAH is bi-polar, but has decided to stop taking his meds. He's far into his pain pill addiciton now, so irrational decisions are expected. 60% of people who are bi-polar have an addiction.
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My daughter was bulimic and clinically depressed with anxiety before she tried drugs. She definitely was self medicating. But she did not have bizarre behavior until the drugs. Marle
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myexabf had a panic/anxiety disorder, or at any rate after a lot of research during a long sober stint that was what the experts concluded as nothing else applied as well as that did.

I think that he had issues stemming from various things that went on during his childhood and teenage years that meant he started drinking and using to self medicate.

That is not untypical, I think a lot of drug use is self medication.

But also, there is the fact that these substances do change the brain, and that can lead to not only personality changes but emerging mental illness...I kept thinking about the damage my exabf had already done, and whether he would ever go back to being that wonderful guy I met when he had gone 14 years clean. But I also figured if that was possible it might be a long, long time. and, no guarantees ...
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I think it's pretty common for addicts to have other mental issues. You'd kinda have to be a little mental to use drugs in the first place. We've all been brought up to know that drugs are bad and just say no; so what other than something psychological would make a person take such a risk. My exagf has OCD, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Needless to say that her psychiatrist from her out-patient program has prescribed her a lot of psych meds. and should she stop taking them I have no doubt that she would go back to using.
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The way addiction was explained to me is that when they come down off of a high and crash again, their mental issues set in; they get depressed about their lives, they are upset about this or that, and yes, they do have clinical mental issues that hit them harder when they are coming down from their high, so they decide to get high again so that they don't feel depressed anymore... or they self medicate, as marle called it.

My ras would say some things that made absolutely no sense before she went into recovery. Depending on what he is using, most substances alter the brain, so they do tend to affect the user's logical thinking skills, as well as their memory, and other things I'm sure. My sister has to take meds to be able to sleep at night... I'm sure it's because of anxiety.

Sorry if I rambled... I hope something out of what I just said helped.

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i think most addicts have some mental issues. if they did not have them before the using they develope them later son is bipolar.meds will help this but he will not take them.again, i have no control.
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Sometimes people self medicate with drugs and /or alcohol to relieve or try and escape emotional pain-then they get addicted.

Sometimes they have an a pre-existing brain chemical imbalance that can be corrected with anti-depressants.

sometimes people have had traumatic lives and this has caused them emotional pain and they use drugs to escape feelings.

my exabf was sexually abused as a kid and there was pretty bad violence in his home growing up. sometimes I wonder if this is part of the reason he started using-but he continues to use mostly because he is addicted now, but I think the emotional pain has something to do with it as well.

I have noticed that long term cocaine users often exibit extreme paranoia-which sometimes lingers even after they have become sober.
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I believe there are underlying issues that people don't know how to deal with, or seek help for. They turn to drugs and alcohol to ease any pain.
Unfortunately, what ever level the mental illness, it becomes much worse under the influence, and it spreads, like the disease it is, to all of US. We become sick too, even mentally ill.
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And if he does have underlying mental issues DW, how is that going to effect your decision making about the relationship. Its often chicken and egg stuff, but you have trestified to his insanity, threats etc.

Wehter its drug induced insanity (PROBABLE) or insanity that has been advanced proigressively through drug use - how does it all relate to you and your children.

He is as he is - irrational, insane, threatening, up and down lioke a yo yo, accusing you of mental ilness, denying drug use etc
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