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security warning

ugh, it is amazing how many passwords and user names you end up having to change in order to give yourself a tiny bit of security. Also makes me realize just how much trust I extended this guy...

he is somewhat of an amateur hacker, he even once hacked into my e-mail without even using the password (went through the server, yes illegal)

when he was feeling vindictive after his previous relationship feel apart he went in and deleted her e-mail he knows how to get into things.

This sucks, now I am feeling paranoid, and I am working on changing user names, passwords, trying to come up with totally unrelated ones, different for everything, that I will probably never remember and just have to keep asking for.

I mean, think of what these people know about us -- they could probably answer security questions-- I mean if they have been with you for a while they know your mother's maiden name, your pets name, city of birth, last 4 of soc sec...

think about that people, be careful, perhaps you should change what you can now.

In fact this guy even once made a vague reference to using my son's soc sec # to get credit since he lives overseas...on top of that I was looking around for some jewelry I intend on giving my daughter and it seems like it is missing....

lets all make a pact to be more careful in the future!!!!
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