Does anyone feel sad for Lindsay Lohan

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Does anyone feel sad for Lindsay Lohan

I was thinking about Lindsay L. today and I really feel sorry for her. She went through all of that rehab and 2 weeks later she is back in trouble again. How could she drink with the monitor she had on? I thought that was supposed to detect alcohol. She is obviously a very sick girl. I think it is a shame that the media exposes pictures of her when she is at her worst. I know she is a celebrity and all but the negative exposure is sad. I keep thinking a little jail time might be good for her.
I hope she gets the help she doesn't seem like it is her time.
Today I was trying to take the focus off of myself and my daughter and think about someone else who is struggling. Celebrity or average girl..........same suffering.

Prayers for Lindsay............Lo
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I feel sorry for her and everyone touched by this horrible disease.
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No because she can afford a driver. The same with Paris Hilton. These are people who have no excuse to drive drunk and/or while drugging.
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I totally agree with the driving........she should not be behind the wheel.
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Lindsay was not court ordered towear the ankle bracelet, it was voluntary. After these 2 court case on the same day I might add, maybe it won't be voluntary.
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But isn't that one of the huge problems with drugs is that all reasoning goes out the window when using? If they had common sense or were able to reason there wouldn't be so many problems???
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I feel bad for her, her father is recovering so it runs in the family. She needs help & I hope this time she will really get it. She nor should anyone being driving if they are drinking or using, someone innocent could get hurt or worse by their actions.
All types of addictions suck
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Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
Celebrity or average girl..........same suffering.
Maybe, maybe not.

or maybe ...She just may have more stuff she can bring to the pawn shop then others.
She is not a victim nor is any other. Same rules apply for getting there as do for geting free.
When she is ready, she will find the way out.
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i feel for her & all the alcoholics & drug addicts.such a waste of life.prayers for them all & all who love them. as far as the media,they get it but so does everyone else that is not a son was on the news when he was 17,wrecked his car drunk & jaws of life had to cut him out.what is the difference? he was on there another time also. i did not make me feel good.if it is wrong,don't do it.
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She is an addict and driving drunk because that is what addicts do. I hope that she is either court ordered into long term (year or more and no getting out to do movies) rehab and then probation or given a jail term. Going easy on her is not in her or anyone else's best interest right now. She has too much money and is her own enabler. Addicted to booze and coke, not a good combo when you have plenty of money to do both. Marle
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It's a shame isn't it.
Addiction and alcoholism can attack any one on earth. No one is immune.
It seems that everyone I know has been affected by it.
Some like Lindsay, have to have it publicized.
That's the price celebs pay.
Hopefully she'll get her act together and get straight before she ruins her career and her life.
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My thoughts are that with all the media attention she's getting from this, it will show other young people, peers, and celebrity worshippers, that it affects anyone and everyone. So maybe there's a lesson learned by people who see what can happen if you get into using. Just stay away from drugs and alcohol.
She should be in jail, then long term rehab, then instead of b-rated movies and sucky pop songs, she can do commercials on the affects of drug use.
Ta-da! Jmho.
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Yea I do, or I don't know if the word is sorry for her. I just feel bad, being an addict is hard enough, let alone having every single moment and mistake put out for the world to judge you on it and make websites on you the moment you do. (Someone already bought this morning). If it were as simple as an addict paying someone to drive for us, then we could pay therapists and doctors to fix us as well, there is nothing that makes sense about drugs/drinking. Just because you have money and you are an addict doesn't mean you are any different.
There are sober people who have no excuse to drive down the freeway 95 miles an hour and cause deadly accidents either, but they do it. No, I don't believe it's ever okay to drive loaded, but that doesn't take away from me feeling bad for someone.
It sucks, it always sucks.

Lohan was raised by Hollywood, I'm not sure what else people expect. Her father was in jail and her mom was partying. It was obvious where her head was when Confessions of a Broken Heart Came Out, now everyone is standing around
acting surprised.

I'm a strong strong girl, but if I were in her shoes, I can't say where I would be.
It's hard enough knowing who 'really' cares about me now and who doesn't. I can only imagine how it must be for her, esp. at that age.
I'm the last one to stand in judgement of her..
I hope someone reaches out and grabs her before she kills herself.
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I feel compassion for her because she is suffering. Despite her celebrity status and ability to resource money, psych treatment etc. her mind is the same as an addict living in the streets.
I think that she must have had an addiction/alcohol for a lot longer than the public realizes because people in her position have other people to shield their activities and "cover " for them.
Sad girl. Hope she gets better.
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Yes I feel terrible for Lindsay and have been following her story all day. I still see her as that little girl from Parent Trap, and she IS really talented. It's all going to waste! She's a child, and she's fighting a battle that seems to be getting the better of her at the moment and like any addict I feel badly for her suffering.

Addiction doesn't discriminate. She is making the same bad choices my husband made, no matter how much $ she has. And I would add, she seems to be low on money b/c she is trying to sell pictures to paparazzi for $30k.

I really like LiLo, and I wish she would join us here so she could share the wonderful ESH that is shared here. I feel like she needs a family like this.

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I too feel bad for her. I hope she finds her way through all of this before it kills her.
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I feel very sorry for her and every addict...

she may be a celebrity but first and foremost she is an addict
look at the long list of addicted celebrities and rock stars (dating back to the 60 and earlier)
they die of overdoses just like any other addict
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I do not. I am absolutely done feeling sorry for addicts. I am even MORE done with feeling sorry for addicts with enough resources at their disposal to choose either really good re-hab or continued use.

They have their choices. I have mine. Mine is not to waste another minute of my emotions on an addict.
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I too remember the little red head on Parent Trap. I feel for her, as I feel for my daughter. I kinda feel for her parents, but I don't think they are much of parents so I'm biased. She is an addict, like mine and needs help. Maybe this will wake up some young teens who admire her and Paris. They need the same consequences I would have if doing the same thing. ETOH & Coke--sounds like she is on a very destructive course!
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I was watching something on TV about this last night, and one of the things the panel mentioned was how these celebrity addicts won't use drivers after partying because the drivers might sell the stories of the celeb's behavior to the tabloids. Makes sense ~ the need to protect both the addiction AND the celebrity status.

As to Lindsay herself, they can put her in rehab, a halfway house, make her do community service, yadda yadda yadda, and she will not become sober until she hits her bottom. Period.

I also am sympathetic to her personal/childhood issues. But I also believe we all have issues. They aren't a free pass. If they were, we'd all be addicts. I'm more concerned with Lindsay getting behind the wheel and killing someone who has nothing to do with Lindsay's issues. That goes for any addict, by the way. My sympathy ends when others are put in danger.
So what's the answer? Is there one? Would well publicized jail time "teach her a lesson" or just get her publicity ala Paris? Do we feel bad for her and let her go, then lament when she plows into the station wagon and offs mom, dad, and the two kids?
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