More party time for the druggies-Mind games?

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More party time for the druggies-Mind games?

I was doing so well until last night. Just today trying to make major decisions and finding it hard,best wait until tomorrow when I have a clear head. Life was almost perfect yesterday-then found out Hubby was back with his meth-who--. Not surprised-hurt or even shocked-just wondering how he could stoop so low. Drugs-I know. Talked to my best friend who is a local police officer and is highly ticked off-said he would evict the tenants(druggies)(hubbys friends-did not know). He also gave me a name & nuber for the state narcotics and one for criminal investigation. Still pondering over whether to call or not.I know I will tommorrow. Kind of like a redneck mafia-drugs, drugs and more drugs-been going on for yrs. and just needs to stop!!!!!
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I am glad that his going back with the Meth-who-- did not hurt you too bad. As far as the stoop so low...both him and the meth -who-- are stooping low in my opionion. As far as the number for narcotics, if you do anything do not tell anyone. Do no threaten them with getting them busted ect if you must do something just do it. Meth users/drug dealers get scared and angry when they feel threatened and some do kill to get rid of witnesses. In my town on a big texas lake several bodys ahve floated up in the past 5 years and many disappearnce. Most were in the circle and got whacked but some where trying to do the right thing or narc someone out and got killed. I did a bit of threatening to the meth dealer who was like your husband is to his drug -who-- but the who was my xagf. I tried all i could do to provoke the dealer, worked with cops and spread word through his circle that it was not over. I made sure no one else thought I was after them, just him, most thought he deserved it and I was not considered a threat to the meth ring itself. I say this as I was ready and prepared to harm this drug dealer in self deffense if need be to keep myself safe...I never had to luckily he apparently did not have the heart and moved three states could have been a lot worse and I could have gottne myself in a lot of crap. BTW in Dallas last year a 9 yo was killed by two tweakers who saw her walking home from school, glanced toward the house they were in and at the window. The tweakers just knew she saw that they were cooking meth so they went kid napped her and killed her. Both admitted when sober they made a terrible mistake. Be real careful about what you do and how much you depend on the cops to protect you after...cops are a clean up crew not body guards.
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i will agree with noah,be careful.things could get very husband is going to hang himself soon because he is on parole. the others, if you can just get them out of your house that would be a big thing. take care of yourself.prayers, hope
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Site was perfect for me-truly felt like a total person. Then finding out about his "lady" just thew me into a tailspin. I thought I had it all together. Sorry but my best friend is a police officer has been for 18yrs. Hubby has used both of us for 5 yrs. Not going to call anyone-we decided what he is doing-he will get caught. Other than he is stealing from government land-I will make that call. Just hard to believe that drugs can effect peoples life so much. I am done-not even a twinge in the heart. Just a twinge in the brain-what an idiot I am.
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Know I am not doing as good as I thought, but was recovering. I do not live with hubby any longer. He moved with his meth(lady) I am told. Crazy- I used to get on a screaming,yelling fit 5 yrs. ago. Just not worth it-nothing will change, most certainly not him-an addict for 34 yrs.-I give up!!!! JUst too old and tired of the whole mess. Sorry man could not even take me to apply for my social security at age 62. Let him live his great life running around and the next time-he should be back in prison for the rest of his life. At least I will not pay an attorney. Bitterness, a lot, disappointed in myself a lot. Keep my cool-certainly-I hope. LOL
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I'm no angel!
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Let go, let the chips fall where they may....Hands off the addict....

I do understand, at my age, the last thing I needed in my life was an addict, so, I let go, he is no longer my problem.
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Was 99% better on this site-then found out he was back with this meth(wh--e) That did it. Not suprised-hurt-expected it. How low can a druggie take you down? I know-as far as your let them=right? Just mind games? He is doing a bang up job on me. I just flat give up-totally. He won!!!! Back to my pity potty. LOL
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let it grow!
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make the choices that help you in your recovery. the rest will happen the way it happens? blessings, k
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Choices? Yes, I do have some and going to have to think them out for a while-before I do anything. Just so much ahs happened right before I found this site, a true lifesaver!!!!! Lot of advice-all positive. Cannot say I hate him for what he has taken-time to let go? Getting over this mess is the most hard thing I have ever done!!! I just flat give up! No more phone calls, no more police-no moew attoenys-just flat give up.
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do whatcha gotta do to take good care of you - try if you can to focus on what is healthy and good for YOU - You deserve it!!
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