i've been out of commission

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i've been out of commission

life really threw me a curve ball this week. i was at the shore cleaning the kitchen floor and made a big mistake by walking on it wet and down i went. i fractured both of my elbows and they casted both of my arms. this happened on tues. today i went to an orthopedic surgeon who took the cast off my right arm, thank god, only a hairline fracture, (now i can use the bathroom myself), oh the little things in life. but the bad news is that i need surgery on my right elbow. so that one remains in a cast. these last 48 hours have been hell, but it did take my mind off of my ras. now, at least i can somewhat type. wish me luck with the surgery. supposed to get a couple of pins put in it.
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So sorry Louise. Lots of luck with the surgery.
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I am so sorry this happened to you. I know when I fractured my kneecap in Feb. it did take my mind off my daughter and forced me to slow down a bit. But having to have help to shower was a b*tch Prayers that your surgery will be successful and that you will quickly heal. Hugs, Marle
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Holy Cow Louise! That must be painful!! Hope you get better soon!! ((HUGS))
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Get well soon, we need to hear from you!!! Blessings to you and your son,
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so sorry, louise. prayers out to you for a speedy recovery. blessings, k
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hope your surgery goes well. keep us informed....prayers,
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24 year old daughter is a nurse so she took care of the hygiene. thank god for her. you don't appreciate the little things and needs till something like this happens. thanks all.
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Oh my gosh, Louise, how terrible! Last summer my mom broke her right wrist and her left shoulder. She also had to have pins put in her wrist. She took a while to recover, but she is doing well now. Hang in there!
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Ouch! Hope the surgery goes smoothly.
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Jeeez Louise (I've always wanted to say that ) that sounds terrible and I can't imagine the pain.

I'm glad your daughter is helping you and hope you heal quickly.

Owwwiie Hugs
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oh Louise, bless your heart!
I am so sorry you had such an accident.
Here's a prayer that you will get well, and that surgery goes perfectly.
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That'll teach you to be a clean-freak. Best wishes as you struggle through this.
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Good luck honey. Saying a prayer the surgery goes well and your back good as new again soon.
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Ouch....Oh my goodness, how terrible. Isn't it amazing how those freak accidents can happen so quickly? Saying prayers that the surgery goes well and recovery is as painless as possible. I'm glad at least the one was just a hairline and you will be able to use one arm.

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oh boy, I remeber what a cast is like, yuk
good luck to ya
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I hope all goes well

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