OT---Anyone use a credit reporting agency?1

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OT---Anyone use a credit reporting agency?1

If so, who do you use.
Can you look at your credit report every day?
Do you have to pay extra to look at your credit report?

As many of you know, I am fighting my xah's credit cards on my credit report.
Please offer any experience you may have.
Thanks so much.
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I don't know where you are, but in California you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from the three nationwide credit bureaus..Transunion, Experian and Equifax. What I did was put a fraud alert on my credit (afraid my exAH would try to use it..he tried everything else). I called one of them (I think Experian) and they notified the other two and they each sent me a copy of my credit report. I think this works even if not in California.

When I received the credit reports, they tell you how to dispute any items that are wrong online. They investigate and correct it or you start fighting with the creditor. The fraud alert stays on for 90 days...the only problem with it is if you want credit from somewhere it gets held up because you have to prove your identity (sent copy of drivers license and SS card). You can follow what is happening with your credit by viewing the report on line..that's how I found out the collection agencies were getting copies of my credit. They tried to get his debts from me, and some of them really get nasty but I could prove there were no receipts signed by me.

As I said, don't know where you are, but in CA you are not responsible for each other's debts from the date of separation once it is on record, like when I filed for divorce the date of separation was in the papers and recorded.

Don't know if this helps you...just my experience. Good's a hassle and frustrating but worth it.
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If you've never requested a credit report, then you'll need to go to and request a copy of your report from the big three. You get a free copy once a year. Any other time, it costs about $7 to $10 dollars, depending on the site you use.

If you aren't on file, however, you'll have to print out the form and send it to them with proof of address/and picture I.D. I sent in a photo-copy of my license, SSI card, and phone nill to do this. Have it notorized to show it's a direct copy of the original.
As far as fighting what's on your report, I'd need more information. The do tell you/give you a form to protest it, but as to how to "win" the protest, that's another story. How old is this debt? There are statute of limitations on credit debts that vary state by state, usually from 6 to 12 years. Anything past that date can't be collected on, IF you don't respond/acknowledge the debt.
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