Happy Birthday Jewelz!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Jewelz!!!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday girl!!!!!!! I hope you have the bestest birthday ever!!!!!! Luv ya!!!!

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grateful rca
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oh jewelz, i'm so sorry im late, haven't felt too good today.

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Hoping your day is as special as you are!
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Well, how did she almost slip this one by us?

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Jewelz. May today be as special as you are to us and may this be your happiest year ever.

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Happy Birthday Jewelz!!!!
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happy birthday jewelz, hope your day is really great.may all your wishes come true.
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Happiest of Birthdays Jewelz!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Jewelz! I hope you had a great day and the year is filled with wonderful opportunities and joy. Hugs and prayers

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Happy Birthday to YOU!!! sorry i'm a little late, but sending you big happy birthday wishes, hope you had a great day!
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I hope you had a wonderful day today. I hope the year to come is full of peace and happiness.

Hugs to you, birthday girl!!!!!
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I'm late too!
And would love to send you a picture ...but I dont know how.
So I'l just have to settle for Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
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Happy belated birthday, Jewelz! Sorry, no cake, no balloons, no card........I don't know how to send all of those cute pictures. Just a big heartfelt HAPPY B-DAY!

Birthday hugs..........Lois
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Hey guys and thanks none of you are late your actually early today is my birthday the 18th. Funny to other people wished me a Happy birthday today and got it confused. But I rather a early Happy Birthday than it be forgotten all together. Thank you all I love you!

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Wow...Gives us another chance to say Happy, happy birthday!!! And it gave me time to get a gift...A jewel for our Jewel !!! Hugs...enjoy your day!

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Hope your day is wonderful!
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Happy Birthday, Jewelz. I hope this day is all you deserve (I know, it's a tall order.)
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Happy Birthday Jewelz. I hope your day turns out to be the most special day ever!!!_______________________
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let it grow!
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hb, jewelz! k
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I am glad that today is your birthday because I missed this thread yesterday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEWELZ. I hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Marle
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Happy Birthday! Love ya!
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